The Vixen The Lust Boat 2

Book Excerpt from The Vixen The Lust Boat Book 2



Chapter 1 – 
Cocktail Party on the Vixen

Chapter 2 – 
The Girlfriends Talk

Chapter 3
 – The Wife Goes Crazy

Chapter 4
 – The Boardroom

Chapter 5
 – Time Alone with Vicky

Chapter 6 – Girls Night Out

Chapter 7 – Nick Gantry

Chapter 8 – Tabs and Amy

Chapter 9 – Arriving at Aruba

From the Author


First Trilogy

The Lust Boat Book 2

by Anna Dubois

A Short Story 19,604 words

Copyright ©2014 All Rights Reserved

Chapter 1

– Cocktail Party on the Vixen

We were below decks on the Vixen, the staff was catering delightful finger food and drinks.

Vicky Combs is a long-time friend of mine and over the past several days she has graciously been my personal host aboard her luxury yacht, The Vixen.

I called up Vicky, basically in the middle of the night, after my wife slapped me in the face with an affair on our anniversary vacation in Barbados.

Since then she and her girlfriends have been pampering me aboard the Vixen with delightful distractions of fun and games.

Vicky was busy flirting around the room with her guests and she dragged me with her. Apparently she wanted to protect me from the salacious advances of the more outgoing women.

I was introduced to everyone at the party in the first hour. Vicky and I were just standing off to the side watching people intermingle and enjoy themselves.

People danced and drinks flowed. There was a lot of exposed flesh as the women glided around the room dressed in evening cocktail dresses.

It was an environment that inspired lust and a naughty nature of adventure. Vicky was having a blast watching everything. She seemed to get almost as much pleasure from being a voyeur as she did participating.

“Where’s Amy?” Vicky said looking around.

“She wanted to be more discrete and do her security stuff,” I said.

“You know that’s not necessary when we’re not in port. The Vixen has her own security and I told her to put her guns away unless we were in port.”

“Yeah, I know. But you know how protective Amy is,” I said.

“Yes, she’s your favorite little pit bull, isn’t she?”

I laughed. “She sure is. Sometimes its fun watching her get all worked up. But she does perform a serious function and she’s very good at it.”

“Yes, she is. A beautiful woman like her is easily dismissed as a threat until its too late. It gives her an edge over someone that hasn’t done their homework.”

“That’s right it does. Amy has built up a pretty formidable reputation as my personal security escort over the past four years.”

“Oh, the guests are becoming more daring I see. This may turn into a pretty interesting soiree after all,” Vicky noted as she glanced around the room.

The staff had decorated the room with swaths of fabric that created a separate area for dancing and conversation for a larger group. Other small secluded areas had been created using fabrics of various shades and translucency to provide more intimate areas that guests could use for more privacy.

It created an interesting effect, like we were a group of gypsies camped out somewhere, taking the time to enjoy the pleasures of life.

It turned the large banquet style room into a land of fantasy with hints of naughty promises for those that chose to pursue them.

We could see shadows from some of these areas from the way the lighting was setup. It had the effect of viewing a movie with shadow characters acting out a scene for us while remaining anonymous.

It was a pleasure that both exhibitionists and voyeurs alike could enjoy without disturbing each other.

Some of the shadow dancing left little doubt of what was happening within, while other fabrics and lighting concealed almost everything.

We stood there enjoying our drinks in silence captivated by a shadow couple where a topless woman was obviously giving a guy head.

I was surprised at how exciting the imagery was. I looked around the room and noticed that dancing couples and people gathered together in groups of conversation were also peeking at the shadow shows.

“You know, this thing should be called ‘The Lust Boat’. I still can’t believe what you and your guests do here,” I told Vicky.

“This thing you’re talking about cost me over half a billion dollars. Show her the proper respect she deserves,” Vicky said as she pouted at me.

“Do you ever take the Vixen to the Monaco Yacht Show?” I asked Vicky.

“Oh, no dear. She is not a small girl. The Vixen is 160 meters in length and is more similar to The Dubai than any other vessel of her kind. She needs a proper port facility, the Vixen will never see a marina.”

“So the Vixen needs comparable docking facilities for a cruise ship?” I said.

“Yes, almost. She really isn’t as big as most cruise liners today. But she is considerably larger than what most people envision when you speak about a yacht. The Eclipse and the Azzam are also both larger yachts, but we’re all longer than 500 feet with at least six decks,” Vicky said, as she explained what she considered were comparable ships.

Vicky added. “She doesn’t have beach works or any of that stuff. The Vixen is made to be at sea, not take you to a beach. If you want to go to the beach you’ll have to get there by a smaller craft or helicopter.”

I rolled my eyes. “Girls and their toys.”

Vicky punched me on the shoulder.

“You brat!” Vicky said. “You can’t use a declaration of exasperation by women against women.”

I grinned. “Why not?”

“You just can’t!” Vicky grunted.

We looked at each other and laughed while we enjoyed our drinks and watched the other guests.

Sometimes it was fun just being a voyeur.

The guests mingled and flirted with each other while they danced or chatted among themselves.

You could see that the game of nature played out between men and women. The atmosphere of the room was heady with seduction. Women interested for male attention made themselves available and the men pursued those that attracted them.

“Having fun watching the game?” She said.

I turned and noted with surprise that Tabs, Tabitha Gray, my executive assistant had arrived.

“Wow! You look enchanting this evening, Tabs,” I told her, noticing the slinky cocktail dress Tabs wore with appreciation.

Tabs laughed. “What? This old thing?” She was pleased with my compliment.

“Oh, stop it. You’re getting as bad a Vicky, fishing for compliments. I know you don’t need to have your ego stroked.”

Tabs pouted and she smacked my shoulder.

“He’s no fun!” Tabs turned to Vicky and gave her a hug. “It’s nice to see you again, Vicky.”

Tabs glared at me.

Vicky laughed. “Welcome aboard, dear. It’s always a pleasure.”

“The Vixen is wonderful!” Tabs said, enthusiastic about being aboard Vicky’s private luxury yacht.

Vicky beamed. “Thank you, she’s my pride and joy. The sour puss over here was just saying that it should be called ‘The Lust Boat’. The nerve some people’s children have. Can you believe it?”

Vicky joined Tabs glaring at me. The two women had ganged up and were poised for attack.

“No, I can’t believe that Jeff would be so rude about such a magnificent ship,” Tabs accused me.

I shrugged and just ignored them. I went back to watching the passengers flirt with each other. It was more interesting than feeding the women that wanted to tease me with more ammunition.

I enjoyed their mutual exasperation as I ignored them. This was something they didn’t expect and soon they were looking for some other way to get my attention.

“What?” I asked hearing Vicky and Tabs mentioning my name.

“Nothing,” Vicky said. “I was just telling Tabs about how lovely Moni is tonight, and how enamored you were with her little show in the cold dip pool at the spa earlier.”

“She can be hard to ignore sometimes,” I agreed.

We laughed and watched as more groups broke off from the main area as they moved into the secluded alcoves of shadow fabric.

Most of them were couples, but some people joined each other in the little nooks in groups of three or more.

It was interesting to watch the dynamics of seduction take place. We weren’t participating in the seduction or flirting, but we felt like we were a part of it.

It was a thrill to watch it happen from beginning to end. Someone talked with someone, they would dance and flirt, becoming more amorous. Light touching and kissing would often lead to more adventurous handling and body rubbing.

You could see whispers of promises filled with salacious intent being passed around. Finally an agreement of acceptance would be reached and they would move off to fulfill their mutual desires.

Erotic shadows of delight permeated through the room. Now everywhere you looked, you could witness some act of sexual lust being sated.

A group of writhing shadows depicted people enjoying sexual gratification with several partners at once.

Another shadow clearly showed a couple joined together in a doggy style coupling while they vigorously enjoyed each other.

I laughed at the imagery before me.

“What’s so funny?” Tabs asked.

“They look like fleeting stick image road signs that you drive by in the night,” I said. “Caution wild sex area ahead.”

Vicky and Tabs looked at each other with wide eyes and burst out laughing.

“Only a man would come up with some silly image like that,” Tabs laughed.

“Give me a break. I’m not some naive guy here. Women are just as bad as we are, sometimes worse. Admit it, you can see the little stick image signs also,” I said.

They rolled their eyes at me.

“Yeah, we can see them. But only because you planted the image in our delicate minds,” Tabs said as she teased me.

“Delicate minds, whatever,” I dismissed.

We all laughed and sipped our drinks enjoying the sight before us.

It turned out to be an entertaining evening of voyeur delight. We enjoyed watching others have shadow sex without participating.

Like I said. “Sometimes being a voyeur is fun.”

Chapter 2

– The Girlfriends Talk

Gina, my BFF, had called me up and wanted to talk about what happened with Carl in Barbados. I knew that she would want to know every saucy little detail. I just didn’t know if I was up to it.

The last time I saw Carl on the beach he was being a total shit and threatened to blackmail me to continue seeing him with the pictures he took.

I was pissed at him for being such a jerk, but it also excited me. I found out that when I was with him I turned into a complete slut. I was willing to do anything he wanted and the more nasty he was the more excited it made me.

He was so different than my husband Jeff. I don’t understand it, but damn, I can feel my panties getting wet just from thinking about it.

So I told Gina I would meet her at the Cigar Bar and Grill, on Montgomery Street in San Francisco.

Neither one of us smokes, but it’s a relaxed atmosphere to have something to eat and enjoy a conversation with friends and the place is always packed with a background of interesting characters.

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