Who is The Vixen?

She is the private luxury yacht owned by Vicky Combs in the new erotic contemporary romance series by Anna Dubois.
The Vixen is an environment that inspires lust and a naughty nature of adventure. Vicky has a blast watching everything that goes on aboard her ship. She seems to get almost as much pleasure from being a voyeur as she does in participating.
Vicky gets defensive when she hears friends refer to her ship as ‘The Lust Boat’. She feels that it’s a derogatory reference to her magnificent ship. Her close friend, Jeff Fields, has come up with the phrase, ‘Lady of Lust’, which Vicky finds a more appealing term.
According to Vicky, she is not a small girl. The Vixen is 160 meters in length and needs the mooring capacity of a proper port facility. She is too large for a local marina to handle.
Longer than 500 feet, she has her own helipad, along with full spa amenities, pool and hot tubs, several bars, and a staff of over thirty employees. The Vixen is made to entertain and provide luxury accommodations to people that are lucky enough to find themselves as guests of Vicky Combs altruistic nature.
Join us aboard The Vixen today and enjoy the lifestyle of carefree fun as she provides you with splendid sunsets from exotic locations.

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Books for your NOOK: The Vixen – The Lust Boat 1 | The Vixen – The Lust Boat 2

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