Jiggle Factor Contest Songs From The Vixen

Some of our adventurous friends have been asking Anna Dubois and me, (that’s Vicky Combs, of course) about the songs that we used for the ‘Jiggle Factor Contest’.

Don’t look at me like that, you’ll have to talk our friend Jeff Fields. He came up with that crap to pass judgment on our bubblisciousness of booty.

Can you believe the nerve? It’s not even a real word, he just made it up and Anna let him use it. Men!

Any-who, here’s the breakdown; Anna didn’t actually mention the song that Amy used for her hot booty shaking dance so we’ll list it later.

Moni’s song: Bora by Doruk Ozlen
Zoey’s song: The Old Ways by Easily Embarrassed
Vicky’s songs: Yep, that’s me! Bohemias by Da Taz and Stop! by Silence

So there you go. You can listen to the ones we found on Spotify, (Jamendo for Stop!), if you want to hear the kind of stuff that the troublesome teasers danced to for Jeff’s twisted little game.

Oh, and girlfriends, let me tell you; WE WORKED IT! We left Jeff with a taste of ‘Pink Power’ that he won’t forget. You really have to read about it in the book, Anna did a great job describing it for you.

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