The Vixen The Lust Boat 2

“Vicky and I were teasing Jeff when we were in the hot tub.”

“It really doesn’t bother you that he has sex with other women?”
“No, it really doesn’t, Tabs. I trust him, it’s kind of tough to explain. We don’t actually have affairs with other people. Things just happen. If he’s away on a business trip, gets horny, and picks up some chick to satisfy his need, its no big deal.”
“What about things with you and Jeff?” Tabs asked.
“Same thing. It just happened. We had fun teasing him and the little contest he schemed up was fun.”
“What contest?” Tabs was curious.
Amy rolled her eyes and giggled.
“Vicky and I were teasing Jeff when we were in the hot tub.”
“I saw all you naughty girls with Jeff in the hot tub,” Tabs said.
“Oh no, that was in the spa. This happened before that,” Amy said.
“Well, spill it. Don’t keep me in suspense,” Tabs pushed.
“Like I was saying, Vicky and I were teasing Jeff. This was the day after Cindy walked off with Carl. He was drifting off so Vicky demanded to know which one of us had the best ass,” Amy laughed.
Tabs laughed. “You didn’t trap Jeff with that old line, did you?”
“No! Jeff completely surprised us and turned the game against us. Instead of getting all defensive and flustered like most guys do, Jeff just told us that it required further study and suggested a jiggle factor contest to determine who had the best ass.”
Tabs burst out laughing. “Jeff threw it right back into your face didn’t he?”
“He did!” Amy laughed. “We couldn’t believe it. We thought we were going to have fun embarrassing Jeff. Then we were going to seduce him and make him feel better.”
Tabs smiled. “Sounds like it didn’t work out that way. Jeff’s a pretty smart cookie.”
“Yeah,” Amy smirked, “we were trapped and had to defend our position so we went along with the game he dreamed up.”
“So you shook your butts around and entertained Jeff,” Tabs said.
“It got a little more crazy than that. Zoey and Moni overheard us and wanted to join in. So there were four of us dancing and shaking our ass to music we picked out. We even walked the plank for him.”
“Walked the plank?” Tabs said.
“Yeah, we pushed the lounge chairs aside in the pool area to make a walkway, like a runway model, and walked off rolling our rumps for his judgment.”
Tabs was grabbing her sides, she laughed so hard at the image of four beautiful women giving a bouncing booty show to Jeff.
“So who won?” Tabs wondered.
“No one won! That bastard said we all won. Of course this was after we all spent a few hours having oral sex. Jeff was a pussy monster! He ate our pussy and ass for a couple of hours while we teased him.”
“Oh shit!” Tabs exclaimed.

From The Vixen (The Lust Boat series book 2). |

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