aggressive man taking woman

Carl was very adventurous in his domination of me.

Carl ended the call, just like that. No goodbye, no more pleasantries. Just suit up and come to me like I told you.
My pussy was just gushing at the thought of what he would make me do at the parking garage.
Carl was very adventurous in his domination of me. He got a huge kick out of having sex in dangerous places. That made it very exciting being in San Francisco because there were many semi-public places to be naughty at.
I took a quick shower, dressed like Carl demanded, and rushed out the door. I didn’t want to be late.
I pulled into the parking garage a few minutes before he told me to be there. I was fingering my wet pussy, lost in thought when Carl knocked on the window.
“Jeez, you scared the crap out of me!” I said.
Carl laughed. “I wonder why. A sexy hot wife like you, masturbating in her car in a public parking garage. Her fingers coated with the cream of her lustful desire. Why would you be scared?”
“Because someone may catch me being naughty,” I said.
“That’s right, but you like that don’t you? It makes your pussy wet to think that you may get caught being a nasty slut,” Carl said.
I shuddered.
“Yes it does,” I said.

From The Vixen (The Lust Boat series book 2). |

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