hot legs red fishnet stockings

Vicky Combs was after all the Queen of Lust.

Vicky walked up at that point and noticed that I was talking with Ed on the phone.
“What is the devious duo up to now?” Vicky had her eyebrow raised.
She took a seat on a chaise lounge beside me and began to rub oil on her legs.
“That’s distracting, you know,” I said. “You couldn’t do that before you come out to bask in the sun?”
Vicky laughed. “What fun would that be?”
“So are you going to ask her?” Ed interrupted.
I forgot that we were actually video chatting with each other and that the camera was on.
“Ask me what?” Vicky looked at me.
Ed told Vicky about setting up a victims charity and what I wanted to do with legal civil action.
“Wow! You boys have been pretty busy haven’t you?” Vicky said, while she massaged more oil onto her stomach.
“So what do you think?” I asked Vicky.
“I think the charity is a wonderful idea. It won’t be a boondoggle either, that’s for sure. Trophy wives from around the world will have lots of fun putting together little soirees in support of the cause,” Vicky gushed with enthusiasm.
“Not to mention that you get to prance around your models, sell clothes and stuff,” I said.
Vicky grinned. “Of course! I am a practical woman you know.”
We all had a good laugh at that. If anyone could make money raising money it was Vicky. She loved a good party and was the best as a fundraiser.
Vicky Combs was after all the Queen of Lust.

From The Vixen (The Lust Boat series book 2). |

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