pantyhose used as hood

I grinned remembering my ravishment wearing used pantyhose on my face.

“The image that stared back at me from the mirror looked like some kind of alien slut. Big boobs bounced around wildly with these silky mesh tentacles swinging around its body,” I said.
Gina screamed. “Holy shit, that’s so wild!”
“Yeah, well it gets worse, or better!” I said as I grinned remembering my ravishment wearing used pantyhose on my face.
“Carl reached up and grabbed the legs of the pantyhose and waited until I was at the top of his cock. Then he yanked down hard! It was like being pulled down by your hair, you know?” I said.
“Yeah,” Cindy moaned.
“My pussy slammed down, fully impaled on his hard cock, I just exploded. I had one the the most intense orgasms I ever experienced,” I said.
“Holy cow!” Cindy said. “Then what happened?”
“Carl still had me trapped tight against his pelvis as he held onto the legs of the pantyhose. My head was pulled back and he stood up and shoved me forward. When we got to the dresser he pushed my back down until I was bent over at the waist and started to bang my pussy from behind as hard as he could,” I said.
“That’s so intense!”
“You have no idea, Gina!” I said. “I was bent over my tits dangling down and he was grudge fucking me so hard, every time he bottomed out my tits would slam forward into the dresser.”
“I couldn’t walk forward or anything. I had to take it as hard as he gave it. My tits were slapping up against the wood so hard you could hear it,” I said.
“Wow!” Gina said.

From The Vixen (The Lust Boat series book 2). |

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