erotic lovers at the lake

“Because someone may catch me being naughty,”

“Because someone may catch me being naughty,” I said.
“That’s right, but you like that don’t you? It makes your pussy wet to think that you may get caught being a nasty slut,” Carl said.
I shuddered.
“Yes it does,” I said.
“Get out and suck my dick.”
The blue dress I was wearing had a loop around my neck that crossed in front with two straps. The dress had a large oval opening that exposed my neck at the top of my chest. It extended down to below my breasts.
The top bodice of the dress covered my large breasts, but because I wasn’t wearing a bra you could clearly see my puffy nipples pushing the fabric out in pointed peaks.
The oval opening was so large that if you were standing off to the side you could see my whole breast exposed. Dangling freely inside the dress, only the material prevented you from seeing my nipples. But you could clearly see the bottom of my exposed tit from the side very easily.
The dress ended at mid thigh only six or seven inches away from my pussy. It gave me modest cover if I was standing up, but if I bent over you would be able to see beaver shots of my exposed pussy.
I crouched down leaning back against the car for support knowing that I would need it when Carl began fucking my face. I spread my legs wide enough for him to stand between them, exposing my pussy as the dress rode up my thighs.

From The Vixen (The Lust Boat series book 2). |

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