roll over and have some spontaneous combustion with Jackie

“Ed, get in touch with me as soon as you can.”
Guys don’t have BFF’s, that’s just another one of those mysterious girl thingys to me, but if I did Ed would be at the top of the list. We’ve known each other for 30 years. Did all those boy things that established strong long-term male bonding; like shedding blood with and for each other when we were young and stupid, maturing with each other through the battlefield of relationships with the opposite sex, and continued to strengthen that bond over the years with close business and personal relationships.
Ed was not only my personal lawyer, but also my business attorney, and between us over the years we have developed a large network of clients and associates all over the place.
We were always joking around with each other that if we don’t personally know someone between us that can handle whatever problem there is, that the problem really isn’t worth our time or consideration.
As the elevator doors opened depositing me on the floor to our hotel room my phone buzzed letting me know that I had an incoming text message.
“What the hell do you want asshole? Do you know what time it is? Some of us have to actually work for a living.”
For the first time in the last few hours an uncontrolled smile cracked across my face as I chuckled to myself over Ed’s expected response to my message.
“Go back to sleep then, jerk-wad!” I said. “Or roll over and have some spontaneous combustion with Jackie while you tell her I said ‘Hi!’. Call me when you get into the office.”

From The Vixen (The Lust Boat book 1) |

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