They continued teasing me without mercy

The women rolled with laughter at my expression. They continued teasing me without mercy filling my head with naughty images of women using me for their pleasure while I served their needs.
I was feeling like a cooked lobster from the sauna’s heat and stepped out to use the cold dip pool to cool down and close my pores until getting into one of the three hot tubs that were arranged around the cold dip pool in a semi circle.
The cold dip pool was cool and soothing, after the first shock of entry from the temperature difference. It was a large 6 foot circle, filled with water 8 feet deep.
The ladder of the cold dip pool was centered on the lobby area of this large wet room. Different rooms surrounded the wet lobby area, two large saunas, a steam room, and several open face shower alcoves.
I watched as Moni came out of the sauna and slowly lowered her sweat covered body into the cold dip pool. She used the ladder to climb into the cool water and the effect was mesmerizing.
“She looks just like Jasmine Black, doesn’t she?” Amy announced to no one in particular.
Zoey quipped. “You just say that because of her big saggy boobs.”
“Maybe,” Amy said. “I think you look like Kayla Green.”
“What are you, a living encyclopedia of porn queens?” Zoey groaned.
Amy giggled. “It’s a hobby.”
“More like a perversion!” Moni snapped back.

From The Vixen (The Lust Boat book 1) |

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