demanding oral pleasure until their lust fever was completely satiated

For the next two hours my face was assaulted, demanding oral pleasure until their lust fever was completely satiated. My lips, nose and my entire face from eyebrows to chin was bruised by the women.
I slowly became familiar with each of their individual reactions. I spent time with every pussy offered to my mouth and conducted research. I took pleasure in finding hidden erogenous zones for my oral worship.
I also absolutely love anilingus and enjoyed every butthole with a passion that surprised the women. Each wrinkled little rosebud provided me with its own individual flavor and aroma. They all had the familiar muskiness of a woman in heat, but every asshole and pussy came with its own personality and erogenous zone.
Moni had a place that drove her crazy at the top of her vagina between her inner and outer pussy lips. Amy had a spot at the bottom of her pussy at the beginning of her taint. Zoey had a nice sensitive area just over the base of her clit hood and Vicky would go nuts when I sucked in and nibbled on the middle area of her inner lips.
Of course there were other interesting playful places, but you guys reading my story will have to find them on your own.

From The Vixen (The Lust Boat book 1) |

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