I felt the heat of the flush on my cheeks.

Gina was drinking her favorite after dinner cocktail, which was a Rusty Nail, most bartenders won’t need to look it up. It’s Scotch and Drambuie, and it’s a very popular drink.
“Okay, where was I?” I asked Gina.
“You were telling me about your daydreaming when you remembered how Carl dominated you the night before,” Gina said.
“Yeah, okay.”
“You were at the point where he pulled you up by your hair like a caveman while you ‘basked in the afterglow of your mutual pleasure’,” Gina air quoted with her fingers, “and you zonked out on the couch.”
Gina glowed as she recounted what I had told her about Carl’s ravishment of me so far.
I’m sure I was red as a beet. I felt the heat of the flush on my cheeks.
“He didn’t pull me up like a caveman,” I denied.
“Did so!” Gina grinned at my embarrassment.
I pouted at her. “I should know, I was there.”
“Okay, get on with it, you obviously just didn’t get on your knees and blow him. What else did he make you do?”
Gina was gushing with enthusiasm to hear more details.
“Damn it! You are so wrong,” I said as I glared at Gina.
“Gives you a moist moment just thinking about it, doesn’t it?” Gina burst into laughter again while my flush deepened into a dark red.
Gina was right. I realized that my panties were soaked. I was so out of control.

From The Vixen (The Lust Boat series book 2). https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LP3TURU | http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/2940149821150

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