The Vixen The Lust Boat 2

…this guy is a throwback to the Neanderthals

“Holy fucking bat shit! Cindy, this guy is a throwback to the Neanderthals. Did you tell him to get lost for treating you like crap or what?” Gina said.
“Are you kidding, Gina! I never had so many orgasms from having sex in my life. That brute just took me, used me like a piece of meat and I loved it,” I said.
“You are so fucked. What are you going to do now?” Gina said.
I laughed, “I was so fucked! I’m still sore all over, I ache in places you couldn’t imagine.”
Gina smirked. “Yeah, I bet your pussy just aches for more pounding punishment.”
We laughed and finished our drinks.
“Jeez, you didn’t eat or nothing huh? You just bunny banged all night,” Gina said.
I glared at her. “You’re such a shit!”
“Damn, Cindy, your story with what happened with Carl got me so wet I may have to run home and change my panties,” Gina said.
We looked at each other and started laughing as we went our separate ways to go home.
I was so infatuated with Carl Covington that it was dangerous. The sex was wild and crazy. He said mean things to me. It was so intense, I just had to have more.

From The Vixen (The Lust Boat series book 2). | Goodreads

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