The Vixen The Lust Boat 2

Cocktail Party on the Vixen

We were below decks on the Vixen, the staff was catering delightful finger food and drinks.
Vicky Combs is a long-time friend of mine and over the past several days she has graciously been my personal host aboard her luxury yacht, The Vixen.
I called up Vicky, basically in the middle of the night, after my wife slapped me in the face with an affair on our anniversary vacation in Barbados.
Since then she and her girlfriends have been pampering me aboard the Vixen with delightful distractions of fun and games.
Vicky was busy flirting around the room with her guests and she dragged me with her. Apparently she wanted to protect me from the salacious advances of the more outgoing women.
I was introduced to everyone at the party in the first hour. Vicky and I were just standing off to the side watching people intermingle and enjoy themselves.
People danced and drinks flowed. There was a lot of exposed flesh as the women glided around the room dressed in evening cocktail dresses.
It was an environment that inspired lust and a naughty nature of adventure. Vicky was having a blast watching everything. She seemed to get almost as much pleasure from being a voyeur as she did participating.

From The Vixen (The Lust Boat series book 2). | Goodreads

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