erotic fishnet style white dress

His outgoing and flirtatious wife.

I excused myself to use the restroom. When I return to the bar some guy is talking to my wife. He introduced himself as Carl while we shake hands and he pats me on the back.
“Your lovely wife told me that she was here with her husband. I’m disappointed to see that she was telling me the truth.”
“Yes, we’re celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary.”
I thought he would quickly leave after this, but instead he bought us a round of drinks to celebrate our anniversary. I was growing more concerned while we were waiting for a table as I realized that Carl was growing more confident with his conversation with my wife.
While we were drinking our third round of drinks Carl used his phone and made dinner reservations at another popular upscale restaurant within walking distance.
Thinking nothing of it we graciously accepted his offer and by the time we finished our drinks and walked over to the place our table was ready and we were escorted by our waitress to the table. She soon disappeared after taking our orders for drinks and quickly took care of our dinner selections.

My wife seemed to enjoy the attention she was getting from Carl and she even sat down next to him sitting across from me after returning from the restroom.
My wife, Cindy, has always been outgoing and flirtatious. She always enjoyed meeting new people wherever we were so most of her behavior up to this point was really no big deal to me. It’s just the way she was and we always had fun meeting new people.
But now her behavior was beginning to bother me. I don’t own my wife, she is a free spirit and my philosophy has always been to allow people to relax and enjoy themselves in social settings.
I’m a pretty laid-back guy with a relaxed attitude and open mind. However, it was becoming pretty obvious that Carl was beginning to become more openly flirtatious with my wife and she wasn’t doing anything to discourage him.
In fact she seemed to becoming more infatuated with him as time went on and the flirting became less subtle and more ‘in your face’ like a challenge ‘look what I’m doing, what are you going to do about it?’

From The Vixen (The Lust Boat book 1) | Goodreads

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