The Vixen The Lust Boat 2

Interesting cocktail party

I was introduced to everyone at the party in the first hour. Vicky and I were just standing off to the side watching people intermingle and enjoy themselves.
People danced and drinks flowed. There was a lot of exposed flesh as the women glided around the room dressed in evening cocktail dresses.
It was an environment that inspired lust and a naughty nature of adventure. Vicky was having a blast watching everything. She seemed to get almost as much pleasure from being a voyeur as she did participating.
“Where’s Amy?” Vicky said looking around.
“She wanted to be more discrete and do her security stuff,” I said.
“You know that’s not necessary when we’re not in port. The Vixen has her own security and I told her to put her guns away unless we were in port.”
“Yeah, I know. But you know how protective Amy is,” I said.
“Yes, she’s your favorite little pit bull, isn’t she?”
I laughed. “She sure is. Sometimes its fun watching her get all worked up. But she does perform a serious function and she’s very good at it.”
“Yes, she is. A beautiful woman like her is easily dismissed as a threat until its too late. It gives her an edge over someone that hasn’t done their homework.”
“That’s right it does. Amy has built up a pretty formidable reputation as my personal security escort over the past four years.”
“Oh, the guests are becoming more daring I see. This may turn into a pretty interesting soiree after all,” Vicky noted as she glanced around the room.

From The Vixen (The Lust Boat series book 2). |


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