Lapis lazuli with gold colored veins

The Blue Bar

Upon entering the Blue Bar it was immediately apparent why it was named that. The walls were covered with exquisite tiles from a semi-precious cut stone named Lapis lazuli. Since antiquity Lapis lazuli, or just Lapis, has been prized for its intense blue color.
The stone tile adorning the walls of the Blue Bar had veins of pyrite running through the stone like golden blood flowing through your body. The gold-colored highlights of the pyrite veins accented the deep blue hue of the Lapis tiles.
Overall the effect was stunning and added warmth and comfort to the room that provided a wonderful soothing atmosphere to enjoy light conversation while sharing drinks with friends.
I smiled at the sound of excitement that only a woman can make. I turned toward the sound, throwing up my arms defensively just in time to catch the woman before she knocked me off my feet.
“Hi Vicky,” I groaned, rolling my eyes. “How nice to see you again.”
I stood there enjoying the embrace of the real woman that was depicted in the erotic mural of her ship.
Vicky was giggling as she bounced around in my arms, smothering me with quick kisses before I could object to her affectionate attention. Pressing her body tightly into mine, almost like we were dancing while standing still.
“Welcome back, sailor!” Vicky said.
Laughing with excitement as she slowly wiggled out of my defensive grasp.
Looking deep into my eyes I noticed a momentary hint of genuine concern pass over her face.
“You can tell me about it later, let’s get some drinks and relax for awhile.”
“Scotch, neat; Amy will have a Rusty Nail.”

From The Vixen (The Lust Boat book 1) | Goodreads

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