sensual lips with rose petal

I rolled my eyes. “Girls and their toys.”

“You know, this thing should be called ‘The Lust Boat’. I still can’t believe what you and your guests do here,” I told Vicky.
“This thing you’re talking about cost me over half a billion dollars. Show her the proper respect she deserves,” Vicky said as she pouted at me.
“Do you ever take the Vixen to the Monaco Yacht Show?” I asked Vicky.
“Oh, no dear. She is not a small girl. The Vixen is 160 meters in length and is more similar to The Dubai than any other vessel of her kind. She needs a proper port facility, the Vixen will never see a marina.”
“So the Vixen needs comparable docking facilities for a cruise ship?” I said.
“Yes, almost. She really isn’t as big as most cruise liners today. But she is considerably larger than what most people envision when you speak about a yacht. The Eclipse and the Azzam are also both larger yachts, but we’re all longer than 500 feet with at least six decks,” Vicky said, as she explained what she considered were comparable ships.
Vicky added. “She doesn’t have beach works or any of that stuff. The Vixen is made to be at sea, not take you to a beach. If you want to go to the beach you’ll have to get there by a smaller craft or helicopter.”
I rolled my eyes. “Girls and their toys.”
Vicky punched me on the shoulder.
“You brat!” Vicky said. “You can’t use a declaration of exasperation by women against women.”
I grinned. “Why not?”
“You just can’t!” Vicky grunted.

From The Vixen (The Lust Boat series book 2). | Goodreads

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