sexy white bikini babe at pool

It was an incredibly erotic show.

“What are you, a living encyclopedia of porn queens?” Zoey groaned.
Amy giggled. “It’s a hobby.”
“More like a perversion!” Moni snapped back.
Moni grinned as she rose out of the water. She knew the effect her naked body had on people, especially men. She glanced over at me and winked.
I had a perfect profile view of her nipples standing proud at attention. It looked like they had been sucked away from her body and held there. Her nipples must have been almost an inch long and swollen to the size of her thumb.
Moni giggled at my reaction and slowly dipped back down into the pool. For the next several minutes she used the ladder to move up and down several feet. It was an incredibly erotic show. Her big boobs bounced around when they escaped the water and were dragged under, floating in protest, until they finally sank under water.
Amy squealed. “Jeez, will you stop already, you perv. You’re going to give poor Jeff a heart attack or something.”
“Hmm, or something sounds interesting,” Moni grinned as she climbed out and joined me in the hot tub.

From The Vixen (The Lust Boat book 1) | Goodreads

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