The Vixen Cover 3

the women all bounced around me playfully teasing

I was in voyeur heaven as the women all bounced around me playfully teasing until we ended up in the Mud Room.
It looked like some bizarre scene from a vampire movie. We entered a room with a vaulted ceiling, everything was made of stone blocks. There were two rows of five raised enclosures that looked like giant stone coffins without lids. The inside of these rectangular enclosures was filled with warm mud.
The room smelled of decay, it was heady and assaulted your senses. I guess it was from the mud and whatever was in it. The room was very warm because of the heat radiating from the mud baths.
“Oh, this is going to be fun. I love getting dirty,” Nomi said. “Jeff, Zoey and I are going to give you a special mud massage.”
Zoey and Nomi looked at each other giggling sharing in their own unspoken communication that this wasn’t the first time they had played around together in the mud.
Moni walked over to one of the mud tubs and bent over, her large breasts dangled over the mud in the stone tub. She bent over further until her boobs were resting on top of the warm mud.
The mud was too viscous to allow her breasts to naturally sink down. Moni massaged her breasts and squeezed then together. She pushed them down into the mud until they were covered with mud.

From The Vixen (The Lust Boat book 1) | Goodreads

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