her eyes were filled with desire

her cheeks were puffed out like a chipmunk

From the scene of Round Robin Blowjob
The overall effect almost drove me insane with multiple erogenous zones being stimulation at the same time.
I finally just drifted off, letting the erotic sensations overwhelm me. Suddenly out of nowhere, like a high speed train rushing past you without warning, everything peaked into an orgasm so intense that my vision rushed away into a fading tunnel of shadows.
I came back to awareness suddenly hearing the girlish chatter of laughter. I looked down at Vicky and her cheeks were puffed out like a chipmunk. Her eyes wide open with surprise.
“Give me a kiss, baby,” Moni said.

From the scene of A Disturbing Phone Call
I couldn’t help but blush as the thoughts of what happened last night invaded my mind all over again.
“Do you know what’s going on?” Gina interrupted my thoughts as she continued.
“What are you talking about?” I said.
“Cindy, where is Jeff?” Gina said.
“What do you mean, ‘where is Jeff’?” I said.
“Girl, you know exactly what I mean. He isn’t there with you is he?” Gina said.
“You don’t know where he is do you?” Gina said.
“No. I’m sure he’s in a bar somewhere getting drunk.” I said.
“Wake your ass up, girl! You think Jeff has his head buried in some bottle because his slut wife is out fucking around?” Gina said.
Gina was exasperated with my coy replies, and I started to worry about what she was asking.
“What do you mean? Do you know where Jeff is?” I said.
“I know he’s not with you in Barbados,” Gina said.
“Where is he, Gina?” I said.
“Rumor is that he’s on the Vixen,” Gina said.
“What? On the Vixen, that’s not possible. We were just out at a bar last night,” I said.
I was overcome with dread now. How could Jeff be on the Vixen? Where was he? He didn’t come back to the hotel last night like I expected him to.
“Oh shit! Where is Vicky?” I said.

From the scene of Trouble with Teasers
Vicky jumped up out of the hot tub. Laughing at me watching her body. Another jiggle factor test unfolded before my eyes as her barely contained breasts bounced around with a life of their own.
Her smirk grew into a full blown smile as she watched my eyes followed her bouncing boobs.
“You’re so full of shit, Jeff,” Vicky managed to say between gasps of laughter.
“So what is the first part of this jiggle factor test?” Amy asked as she also got out of the hot tub to join Vicky now standing in front of me.
“Well, the first part is you walk around so I can view the optimal hip rotation. Think of it like walking the gang plank.”
“You mean like walking the runway, modeling for a bikini fashion show?” Vicky said.
“Like I said, you’re a perv,” giggled Amy.
“Hey! You’re the ones that asked me to judge who has the best ass,” I said. “I’m just trying to provide some objective guidelines to make a proper judgment.”
“Yeah right!” Vicky said. “We didn’t think you’d make a little pervo game out of it. I thought we could have some fun teasing and embarrassing you.”
I laughed. “How’s that working out?”
Amy grinned. “Not like we expected. Now we have to play along with your twisted game to find out the answer.”

These short blurbs are from just a few of the hot scenes waiting for your nighttime reading pleasure from Anna Dubois in The Vixen – The Lust Boat book 1 – now available with KindleUnlimited https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LK0TTKG | Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22711110-the-vixen

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