looking for a bad boy

Being Naughty is Nice!

“So that makes me a good boy toy?” I said.
“No that makes you a rare man that most women would fall over themselves to figure out how to please. You have some fun buttons to push but your reactions are unpredictable and exciting,” Vicky said.
I shrugged. “I like to have fun, just like anybody else.”
“Trust me Jeff, you’re not like anybody else. Your reactions to this whole mess with Cindy is atypical and it still surprises me. The depth of compassion and thoughtfulness that you display for the consideration of others before your own is so endearing,” Vicky said.
I watched Vicky scoop up some more caviar and spread it on a Blini with some Creme Fraiche.
“What?” Vicky asked. “Why are you staring at me?”
“You’re so beautiful, Vicky,” I said.

“Yeah right!” Vicky pouted again. “Look at me I need a shower. I look and feel like I’ve been ravished for hours and you haven’t even penetrated me yet.”
“Why do you need to take a shower. I like the way you look and smell right now. You should capture the essence and market it. Besides you’re just going to get hot and sweaty again,” I said.
“Bastard!” Vicky grinned and shot me the evil eye.
“I could take a few pictures while you recuperate enjoying your caviar, Add some of your pheromones to a bottle and you have a new perfume line,” I pressed.
Vicky laughed. “What are you going to call it? Used and confused?”
“No. I’d call it, ‘Invigorating’, you look perfect for it,” I said and grinned at her.
“You really are a shit,” Vicky punched me in the shoulder laughing.
I grabbed Vicky’s arm, picked her up and took her to the bedroom.
“Eek!” Vicky squealed in surprise.
I laughed. “Let’s mess up your sheets, see how sweaty we can make them, while we create our own perfume.”

From The Vixen (The Lust Boat series book 2). https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LP3TURU | Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22742443-the-vixen

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