flashing her legs to tease you

Sensual Teasing is Exciting

I picked her up and moved over to the wall. My hands dropped down to her waist and I suddenly pulled her up until my face was buried between her legs.
“Oh!” Vicky cried out in surprise.
She wasn’t wearing any panties so my tongue had free reign of her exposed treasure.
She was already wet with desire and I slowly teased her running my tongue along her inner thighs collecting her sweet essence.
I took my time and savored her feminine flavor while I held her trapped against the wall. Her arms were wrapped tightly around my neck and her legs dangled helplessly in the air while I held her tight to my face with my hands cradling her butt.
“Oh! Mm, that feels wonderful,” Vicky groaned.
I continued playing with her, teasing her. My tongue would approach her pussy and dart away at the last moment.
I already knew her special erogenous zones from playing the Jiggle Factor game with the women in the pool area the other day. I knew that it really got her off to nibble and chew on the center of her inner pussy lips while sucking and licking them.
It drove her absolutely nuts and I wasn’t going to do it unless she begged for it.
Vicky knew that I had that secret knowledge. That I knew what made her pop, like a champagne cork. She kept trying to maneuver her sensitive target areas to my tongue, but I was in control. She just had to take what I gave her.
“Ah! You shit! Stop teasing me!” Vicky demanded.

Her hips thrusting, trying to find my elusive tongue, as I played with her body. Amusing myself with her growing desire and frustration.
I was being a little shit, all the talk and teasing earlier about me being such a boy scout. Well, this was my payback. I wanted to see how long I could enjoy the delicious vintage of her desire and how crazy it would make her.
I could feel her level of sexual tension when her legs began to twitch with little spasms. Her body was craving the touch that didn’t come. It wanted the release that it couldn’t attain.
“Ah! Damn it! I’ve never had anyone tease me like this!” Vicky complained.
My head was concealed under her skirt, so Vicky couldn’t see the big grin on my face.
The more she struggled, the more I grinned at her frustration of denial. I was grinning so hard that my cheeks actually hurt.
“What’s wrong? Do you want me to stop?” I asked innocently.
“Yes! What? No!” Vicky panted.
I laughed. “Which is it?”
“You bastard! You know what’s wrong. Get me off! Stop screwing around,” Vicky demanded.

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