spank that ass

Naughty girl threatened with spanking

“So what do you want to do today? Vicky said that anything you want to do aboard the Vixen is available for you whenever you want. Just let Cherry know and she’ll take care of it.”
“Okay. You didn’t answer my question.”
“What question?” Amy replied coyly.
“Where’s my phone?” I said tersely.
“We turned it off last night in the Blue Bar, I don’t even know if I can find it.”
Biting her lower lip Amy turned away from me and grabbed a danish.
“Here it’s blueberry!” She enthused.
I opened my mouth to say something else and Amy just stuffed half the danish pastry in.
“Yum! Yum!” She giggled at my consternation.
Why do I even bother? I can never remain upset or win an argument with any of my close staff because they were all head-strong independent women that didn’t take any crap.
They all manipulated my emotional stability like a mother does a young child and I found it reassuring and comforting that they were all doing it because they genuinely cared about me.
“All right. All right,” finally clearing the mash of danish out of my mouth.
“I get it. I’m still officially on vacation, so I’ll give you exactly 5 minutes to get my phone back in my hand before I turn you over my knee.”
Pouting at me Amy used her speed dial.
“He said he’s going to beat me. Can you believe it?” Amy whined into the phone.
Amy frowned. “It’s not funny damn it!”
“Get your butt down here before he paddles me for real!” Amy said.
I could hear the familiar laughter rolling out of Amy’s phone before she ended the call.
“Vicky’s not to old to go over my knee either, you know,” I said.
Amy just gave me one of those brat cartoon type faces that she makes. She was convinced that I wouldn’t spank her, but she was apprehensive enough about it to move further away from me.

From The Vixen (The Lust Boat book 1) | Goodreads

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