hot wife wearing lingerie at office

The Vixen: Corporate War and Sex Scandals

This is great. I’ve already got enough material to make this a PR nightmare for Jeff Fields.
He and Jeff have known each other since they were young boys. Nick was a natural bully that enjoyed pushing people around and taking whatever he wanted from weak people.
He built his own empire by stepping on the backs of everyone he could. Breaking people was a thrill for him.
But Jeff Fields was a thorn in his side. He had never been able to break him. Jeff always stood up for himself and what he believed in. It didn’t matter to him if he lost a fight and got his ass beat. Jeff was tenacious and would always find a way to come out looking good.
Their rivalry was heated and long-standing. It had been going on for as long as each could remember.
Nick had stolen girlfriends from Jeff in the past and ruined relationships that he had at every opportunity.
But Cindy had been different. They had been married for 20 years and Nick had never succeeded in separating them or ruining their relationship.
Now though he had that opportunity and he was very happy to see that Carl Covington had uncovered a side of Cindy’s personality that Nick had never found.
She was submissive, even a masochist perhaps, hinted at from the reports from Carl and his investigators.
He can use this, given enough time and thought, to create a larger rift between Cindy and Jeff. Ultimately he wanted to hurt Jeff. He wanted to make him suffer. That’s just what floated his boat and breaking Jeff Fields was an objective that had always eluded Nick.
Nick reached over to his phone and buzzed his executive assistant.
“Simone, call Sherry and have her meet me at the country club for lunch.”
“Yes, Mr Gantry. Anything else I can do for you?” Simone asked.
“Yes, call the club, have them reserve a private table for two, and a private massage room,” I told Simone.
“Yes Sir.”
“That’s it, Simone.”
“I’ll handle it right away, Mr Gantry,” Simone said.
Chuckling to myself, Simone could handle anything I needed, anything at all. But today I wanted to use Sherry. She was the trophy wife of one of my business rivals, and my newest conquest.
We had very similar dominant personalities and she pursued me with a passion. I didn’t bother to pick up women, they pursued me. Married women, single women, young or old. It didn’t matter, I was rich and powerful, a bachelor by choice, and a target of many available beautiful women that would do anything to get my attention.
I first met Sherry at a charity fund raiser and she pursued me all night.
It was very amusing for me. She was with her husband and didn’t bother to hide her pursuit for my interests at all. In fact, she seemed to take pleasure in rubbing it in his face.
I was intrigued when she made her husband act like our servant. He fetched us drinks and snacks while his wife flirted with me.
We laughed at how pussy whipped he was and she told me that he worked as an executive in one of my competitor’s companies. She was a true trophy wife and only married him for his money. He was just another fool that fell in love with her and she got off dominating him and making his life miserable.
I was interested in her black widow personality and decided that a relationship with her would be entertaining.
That night when we met, I took her to a hotel and she made her husband follow us to give her a ride home.
We laughed and had a great time making fun of her husband while he waited for two hours until I finished using his wife for my sexual pleasure.

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