the alpha male

Lust for powerful dominant men: The Vixen

Cindy woke up in her hotel room spooned against the hot body of Carl Covington. She was sore and bruised in places from him aggressively ravishing her for hours last night.
Cindy had always enjoyed flirting with men, especially bad boys that were like an octopus. She would always have to end up defending herself from their constant physical advances.
Instead of making her angry the attention of these aggressive men always excited her. She hadn’t been promiscuous in the past, she had been loyal to her husband Jeff up to a point. But she had also allowed bold men to touch her in inappropriate ways for a married woman.
She had known Carl for several months from social contacts at various charity functions and social business parties. As far as she knew Jeff had never met Carl before and wasn’t aware that they already knew each other before meeting at the bar last night.
She had been surprised to see him there, and flirting with other men while Jeff watched had always made her extremely horny. Last night she was having hot flashes while thinking of being naughty in front of Jeff.
At first it was just a fun game as usual, but Carl kept pushing and Jeff just watched without any real objection. As the evening wore on Carl was molesting her with an in your face attitude and she didn’t want to stop. The naughtiness of what they were doing while Jeff watched made her pussy so wet.
“Come on baby,” Carl said, “look at him. He wants you to get fucked by a real man. If he didn’t he would be raising hell like any normal man should.”
I giggled. “You’re so nasty!”
“Look at you, sitting here in front of your husband. On your anniversary vacation, acting like a slut, while he sits there watching. What a wimp!” Carl said.
“He’s not a wimp, Carl.” I said.
“Then why isn’t he stopping you? He wants to see me take you, ravish you, own you.” Carl said.
“Oh God!”
“We’re going to tell him that I’m going to dance with you. Then you’re going to tell him that I’m taking you to the beach. He can meet us back at the hotel room if he wants to watch you become my slut.”
What Carl said to me was outrageous and I should have been upset, but I realized that I wanted to be a slut for Carl. I wanted him to ravish me and make me do naughty things. I wanted to live out dark fantasies of submitting to this arrogant man.
The thought of him sexually dominating me overwhelmed my judgment with such uncontrolled lust, I found myself dripping with desire.
So that’s what led up to us walking off in the night down to the beach. Laughing at my husband’s reaction after I told him that I was going off to be with another man.
“Did you see the look on his face? It looked like you just kicked him in the balls,” Carl said.
I laughed with him then felt his fingers invading my pussy again while we walked.

From The Vixen (The Lust Boat book 1) | Goodreads

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