trophy wife craves being dominated

Trophy Wife Craves His Twisted Domination

I loved giving head and long ago learned that I really got off the rougher it was. Deep throat was a favorite oral pleasure for me and I would often wind up with bruised lips for days.
The lingering feelings of being physically used and controlled for someone else’s pleasure always brought back intense flashes of previous sexual adventures.
Kneeling there on the beach before this arrogant man, I realized that I missed being a slut for other men. It was something I hadn’t enjoyed for many years and it stirred something dark in me. The desire to submit to his will, to do things that other people said were wrong.
Carl was pumping into my mouth at a furious pace now and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I tasted the cock cream of another man. A man that wasn’t my husband.
“Take it! Take it all!”
Was all the warning that Carl gave me.
Spurt after spurt of hot fluid invaded my mouth. Carl had pulled almost all the way out making me taste his seed as it erupted from his cock.
He pulled out aiming his cock still spewing out sperm until my face was covered with stings of sticky cum.
“You’re such a nasty slut,” Carl said, rubbing his cock cream all over my face.
“Clean it!”
I knew what he wanted and leaned forward taking has softening cock back in my mouth. I licked the remnants of cum savoring the taste of him moaning in desire while feeling it jerk around a few times until her was soft again.
I watched him put his cock away giggling with anticipation as he grabbed me around the waist and guided me back to the hotel.
“Strip!” Carl said without preamble as we entered the hotel room.
“Give me a show. I want to see those tits I’ve been playing with all night.” Carl said.
God, he was such an ass I thought, but it made me so hot when he bossed me around. Carl expected me to do whatever he said and I was thrilled to give him what he wanted.
There wasn’t much to strip, I was wearing a revealing cocktail style dress designed to show off my charms.
I was apprehensive at first, there was no music, but soon I found myself bouncing around lewdly before him as our mutual fever for sexual gratification grew.

From The Vixen (The Lust Boat book 1) |

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