shiny latex outfit

Adventurous is a good way to describe their lifestyles.

The Vixen:
Amy was still laughing as we pulled up to the dock, seeing the vision before me was always breath-taking. I would never look at the Vixen without having visions of unspeakable salacious pleasure.
The 40 foot image on the side of the yacht, was tasteful but extremely evocative, of a woman sunbathing on some unknown beach somewhere in the world. The subdued dockside lighting made it appear like a side view of the woman relaxed on the beach from the heat of the day as the sun’s rays glistened off the perspiration of her lightly sweat covered body.
The view from this side of the ship showed off the right side of her body, the mounds of her full breasts pressing into the beach towel she lay on making her breast bulge out slightly from her chest as the weight of her body indicated that the woman was voluptuous and enchanting to look at.
From there the lines flowed down her exposed back, the background fading into a panoramic view of the sun reflecting off of the ocean behind her disappearing into the horizon.
The flaring side of her exposed hip came into view at the stern end of the starboard side of the ship guiding your eye to the ship’s stern. Which progressed into the full image of a woman’s lovely exposed bubble butt, covered sporadically with hints of dripping beads of sweat, with a barely discernible piece of cloth disappearing between the cleft of her buttocks preserving the final detail of her modesty with her bikini covered maidenhood peaking out between the tops of her thighs.
Underneath this breath-taking image of beauty the word “VIXEN” stood out in bold characters rising from the sand she was laying on.
It was one of the most beautiful works of art he had ever seen in his life celebrating the sensuality of a woman.
Amy giggled. “I think you should roll your tongue back up inside your face, there boss.”

A twisted personal bodyguard employed by Jeff Fields. She takes perverse pleasure in comparing everyone she meets with a look-alike porn star. Outgoing and flamboyant at times you never now what is going to happen when she is around.

The valet stopped, with his arm reaching for the rear door handle, as he noticed the scowl on Amy’s face.
“Don’t even think about it,” Amy said.
The gun in her hand putting a weight of seriousness behind her words. She quickly approached the door assessing the potential threats before concealing the weapon back in its holster in her tailored Chantel business outfit.
It all happened so fast that if you weren’t watching the action unfold you would have completely missed it.
Amy grinned. “Okay, let’s go boss.”

Amy shook her head noticing the hidden subtle male exchange of knowledge that passed between us.
Amy blurted out. “Jeez, you boys are all the same. Practically panting over the thought of meeting some hot babe for a naughty night booty call.”
Looking at each other we all burst out laughing.

At that moment two flashes of bodies whizzed by us into the pool. I turned back around just in time to catch Amy with a handgun in her hand.
“Stop!” I yelled. “What the hell is that?”
Blushing Amy said, “It’s a Taurus 738 TCP.”
My mouth was still hanging open in surprise as I gazed at the beauty before me armed with a two toned black and pink semi automatic pistol.
“Where the hell did it come from?”
“Maybe one day I’ll show you boss.”

Vicky Combs:
The enigma. We still don’t really know very much about Vicky at this time, other than the fact that she is filthy rich, altruistic, friendly, and deeply loyal to people that she considers her close friends.

I smiled at the sound of excitement that only a woman can make. I turned toward the sound, throwing up my arms defensively just in time to catch the woman before she knocked me off my feet.
“Hi Vicky,” I groaned, rolling my eyes. “How nice to see you again.”
I stood there enjoying the embrace of the real woman that was depicted in the erotic mural of her ship.
Vicky was giggling as she bounced around in my arms, smothering me with quick kisses before I could object to her affectionate attention. Pressing her body tightly into mine, almost like we were dancing while standing still.
“Welcome back, sailor!” Vicky said.
Laughing with excitement as she slowly wiggled out of my defensive grasp.
Looking deep into my eyes I noticed a momentary hint of genuine concern pass over her face.
“You can tell me about it later, let’s get some drinks and relax for awhile.”

Amy whispered into my ear, “I know it sucks, but we will make it better.”
“… I don’t care! Just find out now!” I heard Vicky say.
Amy rubbed my back and shoulders as the tension began leaving my body.
Vicky hissed into her phone. “Yes! Right now! Just get it done!”
Amy crawled up onto my lap and whispered sweet nothings into my ear. She caressed my body with hers until I relaxed and regained control of my emotions.
I noticed that Vicky was discretely ending a hushed conversation on her phone.
Vicky called out. “Cherry!”
“Yes Mam?”
“Inform the Captain to make preparations to sail for Aruba right away.”
“Of course,” Cherry said as she stepped over to the galley phone of the Blue Bar.
Vicky made several more discrete calls while Amy continued to comfort me.
“May I have your attention please,” a distinguished voice was heard throughout the ship. “This is the Captain speaking. All guests that wish to stay in Barbados, please prepare to disembark. The Vixen will be departing for Aruba in one hour.”
Hushed conversations quickly spread throughout the ship as guests that were interrupted from whatever they were doing quickly made decisions among each other whether they were going to stay in Barbados or remain on the Vixen as she prepared to set sail for Aruba.
Stewards around the ship discretely reported to the Head Steward who wanted to remain aboard and who was departing to remain at Barbados. The Head Steward then contacted the First Mate and Ms Combs with the updated information.
Vicky placed her phone back down on the table after receiving an update from the ship’s captain.
“Vicky, do you need to go wish your guests farewell?” I asked.
“No. That’s not necessary Jeff. I don’t even know some of the people on board. It’s not uncommon at all for someone to be aboard the Vixen for a week or more and not meet me,” She said dismissively.
Then she looked at me with a grin.
“There’s only one person aboard right now that has caught me in their arms.”
She and Amy looked at each other and began giggling like women that share secrets all over the world will do with each other.
I rolled my eyes at their impish display of emotion and the therapeutic effectiveness of their behavior on my current situation.

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