voluptuous woman in black

Watching is exciting!

“The Vixen is wonderful!” Tabs said, enthusiastic about being aboard Vicky’s private luxury yacht.
Vicky beamed. “Thank you, she’s my pride and joy. The sour puss over here was just saying that it should be called ‘The Lust Boat’. The nerve some people’s children have. Can you believe it?”
Vicky joined Tabs glaring at me. The two women had ganged up and were poised for attack.
“No, I can’t believe that Jeff would be so rude about such a magnificent ship,” Tabs accused me.
I shrugged and just ignored them. I went back to watching the passengers flirt with each other. It was more interesting than feeding the women that wanted to tease me with more ammunition.
I enjoyed their mutual exasperation as I ignored them. This was something they didn’t expect and soon they were looking for some other way to get my attention.
“What?” I asked hearing Vicky and Tabs mentioning my name.
“Nothing,” Vicky said. “I was just telling Tabs about how lovely Moni is tonight, and how enamored you were with her little show in the cold dip pool at the spa earlier.”
“She can be hard to ignore sometimes,” I agreed.
We laughed and watched as more groups broke off from the main area as they moved into the secluded alcoves of shadow fabric.
Most of them were couples, but some people joined each other in the little nooks in groups of three or more.
It was interesting to watch the dynamics of seduction take place. We weren’t participating in the seduction or flirting, but we felt like we were a part of it.
It was a thrill to watch it happen from beginning to end. Someone talked with someone, they would dance and flirt, becoming more amorous. Light touching and kissing would often lead to more adventurous handling and body rubbing.
You could see whispers of promises filled with salacious intent being passed around. Finally an agreement of acceptance would be reached and they would move off to fulfill their mutual desires.
Erotic shadows of delight permeated through the room. Now everywhere you looked, you could witness some act of sexual lust being sated.
A group of writhing shadows depicted people enjoying sexual gratification with several partners at once.
Another shadow clearly showed a couple joined together in a doggy style coupling while they vigorously enjoyed each other.
I laughed at the imagery before me.
“What’s so funny?” Tabs asked.
“They look like fleeting stick image road signs that you drive by in the night,” I said. “Caution wild sex area ahead.”
Vicky and Tabs looked at each other with wide eyes and burst out laughing.
“Only a man would come up with some silly image like that,” Tabs laughed.
“Give me a break. I’m not some naive guy here. Women are just as bad as we are, sometimes worse. Admit it, you can see the little stick image signs also,” I said.
They rolled their eyes at me.
“Yeah, we can see them. But only because you planted the image in our delicate minds,” Tabs said as she teased me.
“Delicate minds, whatever,” I dismissed.
We all laughed and sipped our drinks enjoying the sight before us.

From The Vixen (The Lust Boat series book 2). The Vixen – The Lust Boat 2
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