kinky fetish pantyhose face mask

Gina panted. “Oh shit! Then what did he do?”

Gina was gushing with enthusiasm to hear more details.
“Damn it! You are so wrong,” I said as I glared at Gina.
“Gives you a moist moment just thinking about it, doesn’t it?” Gina burst into laughter again while my flush deepened into a dark red.
Gina was right. I realized that my panties were soaked. I was so out of control.
“When we woke up from our nap, Carl was randy and ready to go again,” I began to tell her the story.
“Show me the bedroom,” Carl told me.
“So I walked in front of him leading him to the bedroom. I got more excited knowing he was watching my ass,” I told Gina.
She giggled. “Yeah, guys really like that.”
“Carl saw my used pair of pantyhose discarded on the floor when we entered the bedroom,” I said.
“Pantyhose sucks,” Carl said. “Let me show you what I think they’re good for.”
“Pick them up and put them on your head,” Carl said. “Make sure you get the gusset right over your face.”
“I was shocked, Gina. This ass just bossed me around and expected me to accept what he said. I told him I wouldn’t do it and he just grabbed my hair and pulled me over his knees.”
Gina panted. “Oh shit! Then what did he do?”
“What do you think he did? That monster just started smacking my ass hard with his hand. He spanked me until I was blubbering that I would do anything he wanted,” I said.
“Then what?” Gina’s eyes were wide from excitement.

From The Vixen (The Lust Boat series book 2). |

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