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Wild Women Hot Men Nights of Passion

I was interested in her black widow personality and decided that a relationship with her would be entertaining.
That night when we met, I took her to a hotel and she made her husband follow us to give her a ride home.
We laughed and had a great time making fun of her husband while he waited for two hours until I finished using his wife for my sexual pleasure.
Heading out for lunch I was looking forward to spending a few hours playing with Sherry at the country club.
I was sitting at the bar drinking a scotch when Sherry walked in.
She was lovely, Sherry was an exotic beauty and had Latina genes in her blood. She looked like that porn star, Savana Ginger, and was an insatiable exhibitionist and flirt.
Sherry loved showing off her hot body, being a cock tease, and making men hard with desire for her always got her excited.
I watched in the mirror as men drooled with lust and women reacted with envy, ‘working it’, as the girls say, until she arrived at my side.
She just stood there by my side, apparently ignorant of the attention she was getting. But we both knew that she was having fun showing everyone what she had available, and that it was here for me.
She was wearing a red cocktail dress, and it left very little for the imagination. It was obvious that she wasn’t wearing any underwear at all except for the patterned stockings and garter belt.
The dress hugged her hips tight, like a lover’s embrace, and that was as modest as it got. Two pieces of fabric, front and back joined together in a loop around her neck.
This created four wide slits that left her entire upper body exposed from the waist up. The front of the dress covered her breasts but you could see them exposed through the side slits. Her back was almost completely exposed showing off her sexy tramp stamp tattoo.
The dress had the desired effect it was designed for. It caused lust and envy from everyone that looked at her.
Sherry giggled. “You like it?”

“You could have just walked in naked,” I said.
“That wouldn’t have been as much fun,” Sherry pouted. “I like teasing them,” Sherry said.
“You’re such a dirty slut,” I said.
“Yes, but I’m only a slut for you,” Sherry teased.
“So you’re not a slut for your husband?” I pressed playing our favorite game.
“No, and you know it,” Sherry laughed. “Right now he’s slaving away at work, making money for me to waste on whatever frivolous thing that attracts my attention.”
“So, basically your husband bought that dress for me to admire.”
We laughed about that as Sherry shivered with excitement when she thought about what I said.
Sherry laughed. “That’s right! Damn I love the way you think. It makes my pussy so wet knowing that I buy sexy things for you and I deny him the pleasure of my body.”
“Damn that makes me hard!” I told Sherry.
She reached down and grabbed my crotch right there at the bar while everyone having lunch dates watched.
I looked at the bartender, “Randy tell our waitress we’re ready.”
“Yes, Mr Gantry, right away,” he said, watching the action with interest.
Our waitress appeared and directed us to a private room where our table was reserved.
Sherry led me into the room and I followed watching her ass swing in front of me. Thoughts of using her for our mutual pleasure invaded my mind as we reached our table.

From The Vixen (The Lust Boat series book 2). |

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