nasty ass

Trophy wife loves being nasty!

I couldn’t see exactly what she was doing to her tits anymore. Her head was blocking my view as they dangled beneath her.
Every now and then I could hear a slap when she spanked her swinging tits. Sometimes one of her tits would jump out from the side of her body when she slapped it from the side.
I enjoyed her self abasement for my pleasure for ten minutes. We both knew that what I had ordered her to do would not get me off.
It was just a malicious game of teasing foreplay for me, but it caused her to have several orgasms from her willing masochistic submission to me.
“That’s it, times up,” I said.
“Aw!” Sherry whined in frustration.
“Lean back and let me see you,” I said.
Sherry leaned back, her hands clutched her tits, crushing them like the claws of a bird.
The sight of her was exhilarating. Her face was wet, covered with the combined slime of her saliva and my cock juice. Sex was so nasty. I loved it!
Her big boobs were covered with red finger marks and darker bruises, like hickeys, from where she had pinched her tits. Some of the nastier marks would be visible for at least a week. It would take days for most of the marks to slowly fade away.
I was pleased with the married slut I was looking at. I admired her debauched appearance until I noticed our waitress approach the booth.
“Get up!” I ordered Sherry.
She climbed out from between my legs and sat down just in time for her to face the waitress when she asked if we wanted anything else.
“You bastard!” Sherry hissed.
We all laughed at her embarrassment. She flushed a deep beet-red that radiated from her face to the tops of her still exposed tits.
“I don’t think we need desert,” I laughed. “We’ll each enjoy a Rusty Nail though while we relax.”
“Very good, Sir.”
Our waitress couldn’t suppress her smile of delight. Sitting before her, looking like a used whore, was one of the club’s cattiest bitches. A trophy wife that enjoyed making everyone’s life miserable.
The staff always had fun surreptitiously watching her degradation and seeing the results of her being a filthy slut for me.
I decided to make it more fun for her when she came back with our drinks.
“You said your name was Terry, right?” I asked our waitress after she brought our drinks.
“Yes, Mr Gantry,” she replied.
“This slut has displeased me. She couldn’t make me cum with her face and needs to be punished.”
Terry’s eyes twinkled, “That’s unfortunate, Sir. Can I do anything to help?”
“Yes, you can. I want you to spank her for me,” I said.
Terry grinned. “Oh, yes Sir. It would be my pleasure.”
I laughed. “I thought it would.”
Terry asked. “How many, Sir?”
“I think twenty should be enough,” I said. “No light patty cakes either. I want you to blister her butt good.”
“Yes Sir!” Terry exclaimed getting into the spirit.
“You turd!” Sherry shouted. “You can’t do this to me. You can’t hand me over to this servant like that.”
“Go home then,” I dead panned. “Run off to your sweet little husband and whine about how the bad man treated you.”
We all knew that she wouldn’t do that. It was just an act of defiance. She would do whatever I told her to do, and we all knew it.
I laughed at Sherry’s expression of the defiant spoiled bitch.

From The Vixen (The Lust Boat series book 2). |

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