her desire to be ravished

Under His Spell She Wants to be Ravished

Thinking about her affair with Carl Covington, Cindy doesn’t know why it makes her so excited to do the things she does with him.
The man just drives me crazy. Gina is right, my husband Jeff is such a boy scout. He treats me like a Queen and I just take what I want from him.
It didn’t happen overnight, but I realize that over the years my sexual desire for Jeff has become stale. It feels more like I’m performing a duty for him when we’re having sex than it used to.
I’m so confused, I still love Jeff but I have a desire that he just can’t fulfill.
My desire to be taken and ravished by a bad boy. A man that really doesn’t care about me, that only wants to use me for his sexual gratification is overwhelming.
My lust for being made to do nasty things is an uncontrollable urge that demands to be satisfied.
I really don’t want to actually be forced to do anything against my will. But it’s very thrilling, I get so wet thinking about being naughty, doing things that would shock other people.
Look at me, I’m here alone at our condo in San Francisco and I’m rubbing my pussy, through my panties, while thinking about Carl ravishing my body.
Carl tells me to do things, orders me around like a servant, talks nasty and says things that are humiliating, demands that I obey him.
He’s a complete jerk, and I love it. I crave it. I want to be his slut, his fuck toy, to submit to his demands and lose myself in my own dark lust.
[beep beep]
It was Carl, I answered my phone.
“Meet me at the parking garage on Sacramento street in one hour,” Carl said,
“Okay,” I said.
“Wear that sexy blue dress, and some high heels, you know what I want,” Carl said.
“Yes I know what you want. You want to make me look like a whore for you in public,” I said.
“That’s right. You get off on being displayed as my toy. Don’t you?” Carl said.
“Yes. I’m wet thinking about you making me do nasty things,” I said.
“No underwear, just the dress and heels. Be there in an hour,” Carl said.
Carl ended the call, just like that. No goodbye, no more pleasantries. Just suit up and come to me like I told you.
My pussy was just gushing at the thought of what he would make me do at the parking garage.
Carl was very adventurous in his domination of me. He got a huge kick out of having sex in dangerous places. That made it very exciting being in San Francisco because there were many semi-public places to be naughty at.
I took a quick shower, dressed like Carl demanded, and rushed out the door. I didn’t want to be late.

This excerpt from The Vixen book 2 of the Lust Boat series where Gina Fields is reflecting on the emotional conflict she has over her continuing affair with her bad boy lover Carl Covington. Her battle between right and wrong was lost days ago when she succumbed to her unrestrained lust for Carl which had been building over the past several months as he relentlessly pursued her and they both walked the twisted path of salacious flirting at work.
His conquest of her was the beginning of The Vixen Lust Boat 1 where Cindy and her husband Jeff Fields were on vacation in Barbados celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary. The results of Carl’s sexual conquest over Jeff’s wife is devastating and the consequences of the affair that Cindy has chosen to continue are far more complicated and devious than Cindy Fields could ever imagine.
Not only is she having an affair with a powerful alpha dominant that relishes the control he has over her insatiable lust for him; she has unknowingly become the captured pawn in a game of business rivalry between her husband, Jeff Fields, (who is now being comforted by Vicky Combs and her impish girlfriends aboard The Vixen while she is back home in San Francisco) and Nick Gantry (Jeff’s nemesis and childhood bully).
Cindy’s seduction by Carl was not accidental at all, but he doesn’t want her. He’s just the forbidden fruit used as a complicated honey trap by Nick Gantry to personally attack Jeff Fields with the intent of destroying the man that he has bullied and attempted to crush his entire life. The rivalry between the two men ultimately affects the lives of thousands of people as the gears of modern business warfare slowly begin to turn.
The Vixen series is for mature audiences only. It is an erotica story filled with explicit sexual exploits and adventures that are found in everyday life. From kinky fetish to the mundane mainstream norm (whatever that is) is rampant and detailed. Scenes of multiple partners, oral worship, voyeuristic sex in public, bdsm, public humiliation, servitude, cuckolding, bikini babes, exotic locations and much, much more.

Get your own copy of The Vixen now from Amazon or use the Kindle Unlimited program to read them free. Book 3 will be coming out this year and the battle between the sexes just gets more complicated and interesting as the machinations of war begin to build between influential international business conglomerates.

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