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Flirting Wife Humiliates Husband In Public

My wife seemed to enjoy the attention she was getting from Carl and she even sat down next to him sitting across from me after returning from the restroom.
My wife, Cindy, has always been outgoing and flirtatious. She always enjoyed meeting new people wherever we were so most of her behavior up to this point was really no big deal to me. It’s just the way she was and we always had fun meeting new people.
But now her behavior was beginning to bother me. I don’t own my wife, she is a free spirit and my philosophy has always been to allow people to relax and enjoy themselves in social settings.
I’m a pretty laid-back guy with a relaxed attitude and open mind. However, it was becoming pretty obvious that Carl was beginning to become more openly flirtatious with my wife and she wasn’t doing anything to discourage him.
In fact she seemed to becoming more infatuated with him as time went on and the flirting became less subtle and more ‘in your face’ like a challenge ‘look what I’m doing, what are you going to do about it?’
Well, I made a decision right there that I would let Cindy have her fun. After all we were celebrating her most special day and I wanted her to be happy. I’m not some titanic ex-athlete from my school days gone by, I’m just an average guy. But I’m quiet, fairly reserved, emotionally balanced, and most of all I actually think about situations before responding with irrational behavior driven by raw emotion.
“Don’t mistake kindness for weakness,” is the phrase that came to mind while I sat there watching Carl become more cozy and blatantly flirting with my wife.
After whispering something in her ear Cindy glanced at me and started giggling while rolling her eyes.
“The dance floor on the outside patio is going to be open in a few minutes,” Carl said. “Your husband won’t mind you dancing with me, will he?”
Looking at me with a twinkle of mischief in her eyes my wife of 20 years took a moment to study my face before making her decision.
“I think he’ll be fine with it. I love to dance and we’re here to have fun.”
She was giggling now as she turned back to face him while he was gently rubbing her forearm.
“You’re a grown woman, Cindy, and you’re quite capable of making your own choices,” I said.
Inwardly I was seething, the inner whistle of my water kettle retorting loudly in my ears as I began shutting down my emotions. I’ve only been at this stage a few times in my life and I knew from past experience that I had to turn everything off or I would have in irreversible explosive reaction.
Cindy and I were like any other normal couple whose marriage had survived to this level of maturity. You don’t live with someone for 20 years without having arguments and moments of emotional outbursts from the outside influences that life challenges you with on a daily basis.
Cindy should have recognized immediately that I was in a very dangerous state of mind. The consumption of alcohol and her growing infatuation with Carl had obviously clouded her judgment.
But she was on her own. I don’t play these kind of manipulative relationship games and she should have known better. After all she has been my wife for 20 years and we didn’t have secrets from each other about how we felt when it comes to the important foundations of our relationship like trust, communication, and above all, loyalty.
I glanced over at Carl, who had a smug smirk on his face, challenging me with his expression. He knew what he was doing. He knew that he was insulting me as her husband by directing the conversation about dancing with my wife the way he had. Talking to her about me, instead of talking to me.
My face was completely devoid of emotion as I inwardly shrugged. Cindy was a grown woman, she was aware that actions had consequences and she certainly wasn’t in a position that her honor needed to be defended by her loyal husband.
No she was doing well enough, humiliating herself with her behavior. Actions speak louder than words and she was apparently pushing the boundaries of loyalty and trust.
Needing a little more time to calm down, and take care of the biological need to get rid of the excess fluids from our drinks earlier, I excused myself and went to the restroom.
Coming back to the table I noticed Carl’s hand on my wife’s thigh while they were giggling with each other while they were casually flirting.
Cindy jumped up, grabbing Carl’s arm.
“Come on, let’s dance.”
Her laughter fading while he led her out to the patio and they soon disappeared on the crowded patio dance floor.
Figuring they would be back after a quick dance I stayed at the table so we wouldn’t lose it. Several songs later it became apparent that I had been abandoned at the table to my growing humiliation. So I paid the bill and went out to the patio to find out what my wife was up to.
It took me awhile to navigate through the dance floor and I found Carl and my wife in some secluded shadows on the back edge of the patio.
My wife was obviously enjoying herself while she was grinding her ass on his crotch to the beat of the music while Carl was aggressively groping her tits through her blouse.
Now I’m a natural voyeur, just like any other normal man, but there was nothing arousing about watching my wife being treated like this by another man. The circumstances leading up to this had already ensured that I was not happy at all about this situation.
But what happened next was another one of life’s challenges that I thought I would never have to actually face. How naive the fate of man over the fickleness of a woman.
At that moment Cindy noticed me approaching them through the crowded dance floor. She turned to face me leaving Carl attached to her back like an octopus with his arms wrapped around her chest while his hands were constantly sensually massaging her breasts.
Smirking at me like a little girl getting caught doing something naughty. There was a pink flush radiating from her from her upper arms that extended up to her exposed cleavage to her neck. But there was no flush of embarrassment or shame on her face. Just a look of heightened arousal driven by lust.
“Carl is going to take me for a walk along the beach. I don’t know when we’ll be back,” my wife said. “He’ll drop me off at our hotel room later. I’m sure you’ll be there when I get back. Have fun!”
I was stunned with shock, unable to do anything, with my mouth hanging open. Temporarily unable to speak or even think. I watched them turn away from me and walk off into the shadows of the night toward the sound of the surf nearby. Their laughter fading into the night as they held hands and left me standing there like an idiot.

This excerpt from The Vixen Lust Boat 1 of the Lust Boat series. Gina Fields, unknown to her husband Jeff, has been dangerously flirting with bad boy lover Carl Covington for months. Her battle between right and wrong was lost when she succumbed to her unrestrained lust for Carl which had been building over the past several months as he relentlessly pursued her and they both walked the twisted path of salacious flirting at work.
His conquest of her was the beginning of events where Cindy and her husband Jeff Fields were on vacation in Barbados celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary. The results of Carl’s sexual conquest over Jeff’s wife is devastating and the consequences of the affair that Cindy has chosen to continue, after being sent home, are far more complicated and devious than Cindy Fields could ever imagine.
Not only is she having an affair with a powerful alpha dominant that relishes the control he has over her insatiable lust for him; she has unknowingly become the captured pawn in a game of business rivalry between her husband, Jeff Fields, (who is now being comforted by Vicky Combs and her impish girlfriends aboard The Vixen while she is back home in San Francisco) and Nick Gantry (Jeff’s nemesis and childhood bully).
Cindy’s seduction by Carl was not accidental at all, but he doesn’t want her. He’s just the forbidden fruit used as a complicated honey trap by Nick Gantry to personally attack Jeff Fields with the intent of destroying the man that he has bullied and attempted to crush his entire life. The rivalry between the two men ultimately affects the lives of thousands of people as the gears of modern business warfare slowly begin to turn.
The Vixen series is for mature audiences only. It is an erotica story filled with explicit sexual exploits and adventures that are found in everyday life. From kinky fetish to the mundane mainstream norm (whatever that is) is rampant and detailed. Scenes of multiple partners, oral worship, voyeuristic sex in public, bdsm, public humiliation, servitude, cuckolding, bikini babes, exotic locations and much, much more.

Get your own copy of The Vixen now from Amazon or use the Kindle Unlimited program to read them free. Book 3 will be coming out this year and the battle between the sexes just gets more complicated and interesting as the machinations of war begin to build between influential international business conglomerates.

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