Twisted Bar Game Girls Night Out

Gina rolled her eyes. “It’s not rocket science, okay? Slip into the bathroom and give him a hand job, blow job, or whatever it takes. You just can’t leave the building.”
“Just how are we going to keep score for your twisted game?” Tracy pressed.
“Yeah, how do we know you won’t sneak off on your own and come back with some wild fantasy bullshit to feed us?” Mary demanded.
“Well you have to take a picture,” Gina said.
“What do you mean take a picture?” I asked.
Gina continued, “You have to use your phone and take a picture of the guy getting off.”
“So how do we know you just won’t find some guy and have him whack off in the bathroom or something.” Mary persisted.
We were all giggling and squirming in out seats, thinking about what Gina was saying and working on the details of playing this naughty game.

The girls enjoy a naughty girls night out. From The Vixen (The Lust Boat series book 2). |

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