naughty girls night out

Girl’s night out gets crazy!

“Well show us how naughty you’ve been,” I demanded as soon as Gina sat down.
She just whipped out her phone and showed us a picture of her kneeling on the bathroom floor with a cock spewing cream in her open mouth.
“You’re such a slut!” Tracy giggled.
We all laughed, taunting Gina about how nasty she was.
It was on from there. We all got into it and after two hours Gina had the lead with making five guys pop. Mary and I were tied for last place with just two guys.
I was getting worried I don’t know if I really wanted to be a willing victim of these women for a week or not.
Tracy and Gina both were already scheming together making plans for what they were going to make the loser do.
They were having lots of fun as they watched Mary and I react to the outrageous things they were suggesting.

Hot wife Cindy and her uninhibited girlfriends enjoy a wild night out at the club. They play a deliciously naughty daring game with each other that none of these competitive women want to lose. You never know what kind of salacious mischief is going to happen next when you’re reading The Vixen.

From The Vixen (The Lust Boat series book 2). |

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