hot babes teasing men at party

Things Men Do To Entertain Women

Men can be such wonderfully silly creatures when it comes to entertaining women. Some are meek and mild using endearing boyish charm. Others are powerful and controlling demanding a woman’s attention.
Men are always competing with each other, and their fragile male egos, to prove that they are the stronger, rightful rulers of the human race.
But history has proven that man is no match for the attention of a woman. Through guile and manipulation so subtle its virtually undetected, to blatant displays of dominance or submission, women have constantly proved that being physically weaker doesn’t mean that they don’t control men.
A woman makes the decision of who she will be with and how adventurous she wants to be. She allows the man to capture her, or he falls under her spell of enchantment.
Either way; “Men drool and women rule!” 🙂

Vicky asked. “Well? Which one?”
The question surprised me out of my momentary wandering thoughts.
The ladies looked at each other giggling.
Vicky asked with a smirk. “Which one is better? Mine or Amy’s?”
“Which one what?”
“You’re not doing much for our self confidence when you wander off like that,” Amy said.
I moaned rolling my eyes. “Yeah. Right! Like either one of you bubbling bunnies needs your ego stimulated by some old sour puss like me.”
Two pair of lips poked out at me with sensual teases of fake pouts.
Vicky asked. “Which one of us has the best ass?”
“Well, that’s a subject that requires further study.”

This spontaneous provocative scene from The Vixen The Lust Boat 1 where four vivacious and mischievous girlfriends, clad in sexy bikinis, decide to tease their friend, Jeff Fields, with one of those impossible questions that women ask men that just can’t be answered without causing trouble.
Guile and manipulation is definitely being used. There is no right or wrong answer. Yours or hers just doesn’t work. The man is in trouble. The excited impish women already have control no matter what else happens.
However Jeff isn’t phased at all. He knows the hot bikini babes standing before him have opened the door, perhaps wider than intended, for a delightful game of tease and flirting that may become more entertaining for all of them.
Go read The Vixen book 1 now to see how this scenario of spontaneous flirting and teasing turns into an afternoon of passionate sexual tension and desire that rivals the fables of Roman orgies filled with lust and physical pleasure that both voyeurs and exhibitionists alike can enjoy. 🙂

The Vixen Lust Boat series is filled with scenes of spontaneous sexual situations for mature audiences only. The wanton acts of passion are explicit and graphic guaranteed to leave you with vivid visions of the fun filled antics the characters get involved with.
Common acts of sexuality and the freedom to chase the dragon of personal sexual gratification are rampant and thrilling. From the thrill of public exposure to having sex in dangerous places. Dominant partners that take control of their submissive men or women. Affairs with voyeur cuckolds, sexy impish bikini babes just having fun; to Alpha males seeking conquests to stroke their own egos with daring adventurous partners that enjoy the rougher pleasures of endorphin rushed induced sexual situations.

You never know what might happen aboard The Vixen or with the various characters in other locations.

Book 3 is coming this year!

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