trophy wife

I was interested in her black widow personality

Chuckling to myself, Simone could handle anything I needed, anything at all. But today I wanted to use Sherry. She was the trophy wife of one of my business rivals, and my newest conquest.
We had very similar dominant personalities and she pursued me with a passion. I didn’t bother to pick up women, they pursued me. Married women, single women, young or old. It didn’t matter, I was rich and powerful, a bachelor by choice, and a target of many available beautiful women that would do anything to get my attention.
I first met Sherry at a charity fund raiser and she pursued me all night.
It was very amusing for me. She was with her husband and didn’t bother to hide her pursuit for my interests at all. In fact, she seemed to take pleasure in rubbing it in his face.
I was intrigued when she made her husband act like our servant. He fetched us drinks and snacks while his wife flirted with me.
We laughed at how pussy whipped he was and she told me that he worked as an executive in one of my competitor’s companies. She was a true trophy wife and only married him for his money. He was just another fool that fell in love with her and she got off dominating him and making his life miserable.
I was interested in her black widow personality and decided that a relationship with her would be entertaining.
That night when we met, I took her to a hotel and she made her husband follow us to give her a ride home.
We laughed and had a great time making fun of her husband while he waited for two hours until I finished using his wife for my sexual pleasure.
Heading out for lunch I was looking forward to spending a few hours playing with Sherry at the country club.

This scene from The Vixen The Lust Boat book 2 with Nick Gantry and his new personal sexual conquest of his business rival’s trophy wife Sherry.
She holds a female led dominant relationship with her husband. She viciously cuckolds him publicly with sadistic delight while rubbing her hotwife affairs in his face.
Go read The Vixen book 2 now to see how this scenario of their mutual twisted games of dominance and submission play out in public. šŸ™‚

The Vixen Lust Boat series is filled with scenes of spontaneous sexual situations for mature audiences only. The wanton acts of passion are explicit and graphic guaranteed to leave you with vivid visions of the fun filled antics the characters get involved with.
Common acts of sexuality and the freedom to chase the dragon of personal sexual gratification are rampant and thrilling. From the thrill of public exposure to having sex in dangerous places. Dominant partners that take control of their submissive men or women. Affairs with voyeur cuckolds, sexy impish bikini babes just having fun; to Alpha males seeking conquests to stroke their own egos with daring adventurous partners that enjoy the rougher pleasures of endorphin rushed induced sexual situations.

You never know what might happen aboard The Vixen or with the various characters in other locations.

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