entering a devious game of flirting

I moaned rolling my eyes. “Yeah. Right! Like either one of you bubbling bunnies needs your ego stimulated by some old sour puss like me.”
Two pair of lips poked out at me with sensual teases of fake pouts.
Vicky asked. “Which one of us has the best ass?”
“Well, that’s a subject that requires further study.”
Amy snapped. “Oh really? And just what are the requirements of this further study?”
Grinning I knew that we were entering a devious game of flirting. I had been skilfully manipulated by these enchanting women to have more fun with them if I so desired.
“Well, the first requirement is grading the jello test. It’s a multiple part test designed to indicate the bubblisciousness of your booty.
“Your what! Bubbly-nesh-ess,” Vicky said, exasperated at me. “Is that even a word? You’re making this crap up.”
“No, of course not!” Keeping a straight face. “It’s a jiggle factor test.”

The Vixen The Lust Boat 1 by Anna Dubois

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