You’re so cute when you pout.

“Okay, I get it. You’re getting back at me for teasing you. You’re still a shit.”
I smiled. “You’re so cute when you pout.”
Vicky frowned. “I’m not supposed to be cute. I’m supposed to be scary and demanding.”
I laughed. “Well, I think it’s cute.”
Vicky stuck out her tongue at me.
“Damn, no man has ever teased me like that. No man should have that kind of control over a woman. You should be under my thumb another victim of pink power. But you’re not are you?” Vicky said.
“No. I’m not. I never will be Vicky,” I said. “Besides, I didn’t tease you. I prefer to say it was pleasure enhancement.”
Vicky laughed. “Ha! Pleasure enhancement. Jeez I can just see the conversations now. ‘Girlfriend you wouldn’t believe what he did, it was pleasure enhancement.’ What a load of crap!”

The Vixen The Lust Boat 2 by Anna Dubois

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