sexy black flower print pantyhose

The sensuality of a woman.

“I thought you wanted to screw around?” I teased.
“You’re driving me insane damn it,” Vicky complained.
“What do you want? I thought you liked this,” I said.
“I do like it, but it’s not enough and you know it,” Vicky admitted.
At that moment I stabbed my tongue at her swollen clit.
Vicky struggled futilely, trapped in my arms, while I continued to tease her.
“Please,” Vicky quietly whimpered.
“Please, what?” I said.
“Please, make me cum,” She begged.
That was all she had to do.
I rewarded Vicky by attacking the sensitive areas of her pussy that would drive her over the edge. That would make her experience the ‘little death’ that her body craved.
I began nibbling and sucking on the center area of her pussy. I did everything I could think off. I blew on it, bit down with my teeth, sucked her inner lips into my mouth and swabbed the delicate flesh with my tongue.
I attacked her clitoris in the same way. Going back and forth between the three sensitive spots of her pussy. Never using a pattern that she could get used to. More forceful, slower, painful, quick and fleeting.
I varied my oral attack on her pussy for several long minutes while Vicky cried out with orgasmic joy.
She went limp in my arms. Poor Vicky had passed out. Temporarily overwhelmed as her body shut down to recuperate from her lust that quenched it’s thirst from the passion of her pleasure.
Chuckling to myself I carried Vicky over to the couch and laid her down. I enjoyed the sight of her body as I sipped the magnificent Macallan scotch.

I was a little hungry so I punched the service button and asked for some light snacks for us.
I was surprised when Cherry showed up. She was the hostess that served us so well my first day on the Vixen.
She entered the room with an exquisite snack tray. It had several ounces of very thin pieces of smoked salmon, a 2oz tin of Golden Almas caviar, a dozen or so pieces of Blini and Creme Fraiche.
It was a tray of gourmet delight.
I smiled. “Thanks, Cherry.”
“Any time Mr Fields. It’s a pleasure to be of service,” She said.
“You are very gracious,” I said.
Cherry looked over at the couch that contained her sleeping beauty boss.
Cherry giggled. “It looks like you are also, Mr Fields.”
She disappeared before I could form a witty reply.
With a start Vicky snapped up off the couch, her eyes dilated. She groaned looking at me unfocused for a moment.
“You bastard!” Vicky grunted.
“You know what! Damn, I feel, oh hell. I don’t know what I feel,” Vicky said.
“Satisfied? Sated? Heavenly Happy?” I pushed, grinning.
Vicky pouted. “None of the above. I don’t feel like any of those, you shit.”
I pouted. “I thought I was your boy scout. Your cute little boy toy.”

The Vixen The Lust Boat 2 by Anna Dubois

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Indie erotica book excerpt from The Vixen: The Lust Boat 2. Follow the wickedly lustful adventures of Vicky Combs and her naughty friends as they enjoy wild parties and fun aboard The Vixen. The adventure of lust continues!

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