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Thank You for #retweet 5-26 #shoutout

Wow! Just Wow! OMG I never thought I would have to say something like this, but my tweets have recently blown up like a puffer fish. So I decided to make posts to the blog starting today for a shout-out for my Twitter fans.

I like to take the time, when I can make it, to put together thank you tweets for those of you that have recently retweeted my tweets. Your support is greatly appreciated by me and I feel it’s the least I can do to say “Thank You” in some way.

I began to realize several days ago that making tweets to thank everyone was, well, becoming absurd. I thought there had to be a better resolution than to blast out 10 or more separate tweets to thank everyone. My twitter timeline is already discombobulating enough!


So without further ado, THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Today’s Best Tweet:

Runner Up:

  1. 24/7 Books
  2. Addison Stevens
  3. Adriano Bulla
  4. Ali Atwood
  5. Angel Sefer
  6. Anne Conley
  7. Anthony Quill
  8. Author H K Carlton
  10. Author Morgan Mandel
  11. Authors Spangaloo
  12. Baba Owo
  13. Baldassare Cossa
  14. Bella Harte
  15. Bernard Foong
  16. BINGBING Cocktail
  17. Book Boost
  18. Brant Landon Author
  19. BTS Project
  20. Burt Maverick
  21. Candi Kay
  22. Chace Thibodeaux
  23. Charlotte E Hart
  24. Chris Mandara
  25. Chris S.Dixon-Author
  26. Christoph Fischer
  27. Christopher Meeker
  28. Cindy B. Wells
  29. Dab10
  30. Dakota Skye
  31. Daniel Garcia
  32. Darkinferno
  33. david Herubel-Metin
  34. Desiree Daun
  35. Dirty Book Deals
  36. Doris Makes Love
  37. E. Stone
  38. EM Kaplan
  39. Eileen Thornton
  40. Elias Zapple
  41. Emma L. Tarrants
  42. EricJ, Author
  43. Erika Foxx
  44. Erotic Author RTG
  45. Fiona Murphy
  46. Free Five
  47. Gale Stanley
  48. Girls Carrying Books
  49. Glenn Trust
  50. H.L. Lola (Author)
  51. Heather Findley
  52. Houston Havens
  53. Ivan Duric
  54. Jackie Connally
  55. Jacintha Topaz
  56. Jami Brumfield
  57. Janice G Ross
  58. JBMorris
  59. Jean Kenzie
  60. Jeff Joseph Author
  61. Jennifer Theriot
  62. Jerrie Alexander
  63. JJ Ellis
  64. Johan Van Gun
  65. john applegate
  66. John Findley Author
  67. John Satisfy
  68. Jolynn Raymond
  69. Jordana Barber
  70. Joy
  71. Jude Starr
  72. Judy Kemp
  73. July Cumming
  74. Karena Marie
  75. kat crimson
  76. Kathryn A Daley
  77. KC Sprayberry
  78. Kev Aodha
  79. Kimberley Keller
  80. Kiniko
  81. Layla Taboo
  82. Lexie Syrah
  83. Lianah Morgan
  84. Lilian Roberts
  85. Lisa O’Hara-Loomis
  86. LiteraryPornRTG
  87. Lizabeth Scott
  88. M. C. Quinn
  89. Mags
  90. Michael Dalton
  91. Mischa Eliot
  92. Moctezuma Johnson
  93. MorganMandel
  94. Muffy Wilson Erotica
  95. N.C. Simmons
  96. Nat’s Book Nook
  97. Natalie G. Owens
  98. Nightsin Lingerie
  99. Peter John
  100. Penelope Jiuditta
  101. Phill syron-jones
  102. Powers Molinar
  103. R.B. O’Brien
  104. Reed James
  105. Renee Jordan
  106. Retro Brit – Author
  107. Roari Benjamin
  108. Robin Glasser
  109. Rochelle Carlton
  110. Rogenna Brewer
  111. Ruined April
  112. Sameer Ketkar
  113. Sandip Bhavsar
  114. Sarah Greyson
  115. Scarlett Flame
  116. Shannon G Brewer
  117. Sherry
  118. StormChase&AJAdams
  119. Susanne Leist
  120. SuzeSnow
  121. Tammy Dennings Maggy
  122. TeresaNoelleRoberts
  123. The Bee
  124. The BINGBING
  125. The Sex Writer ©
  126. Tina Gayle
  127. Tima Maria Lacoba
  128. TL CLark
  129. Travis Luedke
  130. Veronica Savage
  131. Vivify Books
  132. William O’Brien
  133. Ya Tweets
  134. Yahyah Writes

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