late night mind candy

Erotica and Hot Romance Books to Add Fire to Your Kindle

These are just a few of my retweets today that caught my attention. Want me to slide your tweet here? It has to be something I retweeted and needs to have an image. If it’s scandalous or titillating (I like that) :), and I haven’t already seen it five gazillion times then I might add your tweet here. Oh, I almost forgot. I don’t usually tweet these kind of posts, but I do add them to Facebook.

Like I was saying, these are just a few of the tweets that got me today and I wanted to share them with my followers and anyone else that just pops by to find something hot to add to their Kindle reader. Oh, yeah, I know I slipped one of my cards in here too, gotta do what you gotta do right? 🙂

All of these indie authors are working their beautiful buns off to provide you with erotic romance and naughty erotica novellas, shorts (not their shorts silly) and other lengths of fun stories for you to enjoy reading late at night.

Whether you’re alone or like to share steamy stories in bed with your lover, paramour, bad boy, husband, wife, mistress (not “Mistress”, she wouldn’t allow that anyway), girlfriends or boyfriends, all of these books and their authors are worth looking at.

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