Well let’s see, Anna Dubois is a close friend of ours, but she’s kind of shy. She mainly just hangs out in the shadows and watches us having fun being naughty.

Anna really is a hardcore voyeur, I think. Like I was saying, she likes to watch.

Me? I’m Vicky Combs, and The Vixen is my baby. I rarely leave her anymore. She has a staff of 30 people, and it cost boat loads of money just to keep her running every year.

Jeff Fields is a dear friend of mine. I’ve known him and his wife for a long time. Poor Jeff is going through a crisis right now. He called me up late at night while the Vixen was in port in the Caribbean.

He really is a sweet guy, but there are some sinister things going on that are giving him a heartache. So I was happy that he called me up and wanted to visit the Vixen.

Where are we right now? Well Anna won’t let me tell you. She has to catch up with us. Her poor fingers don’t travel as fast as my yacht does. Plus we have to do all that girl stuff and talk about things that we want to share with you.

After that Anna and I decide on what she writes about in the books. The Vixen is almost always at sea heading somewhere, and Anna is several months behind us. So you’ll just have to imagine where we currently are in the world.


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Vicky Combs owner of The Vixen and friend of my author Anna Dubois.

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