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Teasing bikini babes in the hot tub

Vicky placed her phone back down on the table after receiving an update from the ship’s captain.
“Vicky, do you need to go wish your guests farewell?” I asked.
“No. That’s not necessary Jeff. I don’t even know some of the people on board. It’s not uncommon at all for someone to be aboard the Vixen for a week or more and not meet me,” She said dismissively.
Then she looked at me with a grin.
“There’s only one person aboard right now that has caught me in their arms.”
She and Amy looked at each other and began giggling like women that share secrets all over the world will do with each other.
I rolled my eyes at their impish display of emotion and the therapeutic effectiveness of their behavior on my current situation.
Suddenly Vicky jumped up from the table grabbing Amy as she turned toward the door.
“Come on Jeff, there’s a wonderful hot tub waiting for us.”
She announced over her shoulder as they disappeared out the door. I was lured away from the Blue Bar by a trail of giggles floating behind them like the Pied Piper of Hamelin from German legend.

Taking in the stunning sight before me as I approached the hot tub, the ladies began giggling louder between hushed whispers between them. Noticing my very apparent male reaction to their bodies the women were obviously appreciative of my approval.
Amy giggled. “What’s the matter Jeff? You don’t like what I was hiding under my wrap?”
What’s not to like. The bikini she was wearing was little more than publicly legal lingerie. Though in many places around the world it would be questionable wearing two tiny pieces of fabric like that. But I don’t think that very many men would complain about it at all.
“I’m just wondering where your weapon is concealed,” I dead panned.
“You’re a perv, you know that boss,” Amy said, barely keeping a grin off her face.
I continued with the playful conversation. “I’m just a simple, honest man, Amy.”
“Oh pig pooh!” Vicky said. “You enjoy playing with Pink Power just as much as we do. You naughty boy! You’re just as much of an incorrigible voyeur as we are exhibitionists.”
“Yes I am,” wagging my eyebrows at the women.
We were in the middle of a new giggling fit when Cherry appeared with a fresh round of drinks for us. She discretely disappeared again when she finished seeing to our immediate needs.
I took a moment to marvel at the professionalism of the people that Vicky had surrounded herself with. I knew from past experience that the Vixen employed a staff of over 30 people. The ship was run like any world class resort, providing her guests with a pleasurable experience.
Being aboard the Vixen made the realities of every day life fade away like the lighting of a good opera house. Holding you warmly in the shadows of its stomach while you enjoyed the presentation of the evening onstage.
Looking around after joining the ladies in the hot tub I noticed that we were centered on the port side of a swimming pool that looked like it was 30 feet across. We weren’t outside on the upper deck because it had a heliport, so I guessed that we were one or two decks below.
Vicky asked. “Well? Which one?”
The question surprised my out of my momentary wandering thoughts.
The ladies looked at each other giggling.
Vicky asked with a smirk. “Which one is better? Mine or Amy’s?”
“Which one what?”
“You’re not doing much for our self confidence when you wander off like that,” Amy said.
I moaned rolling my eyes. “Yeah. Right! Like either one of you bubbling bunnies needs your ego stimulated by some old sour puss like me.”
Two pair of lips poked out at me with sensual teases of fake pouts.
Vicky asked. “Which one of us has the best ass?”
“Well, that’s a subject that requires further study.”
Amy snapped. “Oh really? And just what are the requirements of this further study?”
Grinning I knew that we were entering a devious game of flirting. I had been skilfully manipulated by these enchanting women to have more fun with them if I so desired.
“Well, the first requirement is grading the jello test. It’s a multiple part test designed to indicate the bubblisciousness of your booty.
“Your what! Bubbly-nesh-ess,” Vicky said, exasperated at me. “Is that even a word? You’re making this crap up.”
“No, of course not!” Keeping a straight face. “It’s a jiggle factor test.”

“Jiggle factor?” Amy said.
“Yes, the jiggle factor, is an indicator of a healthy bubble butt.”
The ladies looked at each other moaning and rolling their eyes.
Vicky jumped up out of the hot tub. Laughing at me watching her body. Another jiggle factor test unfolded before my eyes as her barely contained breasts bounced around with a life of their own.
Her smirk grew into a full blown smile as she watched my eyes followed her bouncing boobs.
“You’re so full of shit, Jeff,” Vicky managed to say between gasps of laughter.
“So what is the first part of this jiggle factor test?” Amy asked as she also got out of the hot tub to join Vicky now standing in front of me.
“Well, the first part is you walk around so I can view the optimal hip rotation. Think of it like walking the gang plank.”
“You mean like walking the runway, modeling for a bikini fashion show?” Vicky said.
“Like I said, you’re a perv,” giggled Amy.
“Hey! You’re the ones that asked me to judge who has the best ass,” I said. “I’m just trying to provide some objective guidelines to make a proper judgment.”
“Yeah right!” Vicky said. “We didn’t think you’d make a little pervo game out of it. I thought we could have some fun teasing and embarrassing you.”
I laughed. “How’s that working out?”
Amy grinned. “Not like we expected. Now we have to play along with your twisted game to find out the answer.”

From The Vixen (The Lust Boat book 1) | Goodreads

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