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Naughty Hot Wife Boardroom Politics

At this point Tabs, my executive assistant jumped in.
“Most of the business contracts we have; real estate, technical programming, manufacturing, and your altruistic interests in other businesses are located overseas. Most of the physical business assets are in European countries,” Tabs stated what we already knew.
“So the public relations fallout over Cindy’s recent behavior is probably going to be minimal. Most likely we’re only going to see an effect here in the United States,” I said.
“That’s right,” Tabs agreed. “The PR firm that we consult with thinks that the evidence of your wife’s ongoing affair with Carl Covington and any other promiscuous activity by her in the future may be embarrassing and damaging, but we don’t foresee any end of the world scenarios.”
“So, the issue will be spun as a personal lifestyle issue and we really aren’t seeing a real danger here to the core businesses and our associates,” I agreed.

“Right,” Vicky said. “Your wife may be an unfaithful slut that morphed into an uncaring narcissistic bitch, but that’s really her personal problem and not a business issue.”
“There will be some loss of business associated with the PR in the United States. However, the publicity may turn out to be beneficial for business overseas with the European community,” The Vice President of marketing warned.
“After all it’s just sex,” Vicky said. “Of course that alone will generate lots of free publicity, good and bad.”
“Great, that makes me feel so much better. Nick Gantry has the opportunity to ruin my marriage, but it looks like the business is going to survive,” I said.
I could tell that everyone felt bad for me over the situation with my wife. I didn’t want their pity and they knew it. We were here to discuss the impact on the business, so we could protect our employees and their livelihood.

From The Vixen (The Lust Boat book 1) | Goodreads

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