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Being Naughty is Fun!

What the hell? Why not? This could turn out to be really fun.
“Okay, I’m in!” I agreed.
The rest of the girls quickly agreed and we were ready to spend the night flirting with guys to see just how nasty we could get in the bar without getting thrown out.
Gina got the ball rolling when she took the next guy that asked her to dance out on the floor.
Soon after all of us were on the floor dirty dancing with hot horny guys.
This was fun!
I looked around and noticed that Gina was gone. Damn that girl didn’t take long to score.
After the song was over the other girls made their way back to the table and we were talking about the game when Gina showed back up.
“Well show us how naughty you’ve been,” I demanded as soon as Gina sat down.

She just whipped out her phone and showed us a picture of her kneeling on the bathroom floor with a cock spewing cream in her open mouth.
“You’re such a slut!” Tracy giggled.
We all laughed, taunting Gina about how nasty she was.
It was on from there. We all got into it and after two hours Gina had the lead with making five guys pop. Mary and I were tied for last place with just two guys.
I was getting worried I don’t know if I really wanted to be a willing victim of these women for a week or not.
Tracy and Gina both were already scheming together making plans for what they were going to make the loser do.
They were having lots of fun as they watched Mary and I react to the outrageous things they were suggesting.

From The Vixen (The Lust Boat series book 2). The Vixen – The Lust Boat 2
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