Welcome to my blog!

Hi, I’m Vicky Combs owner of The Vixen and I want to share some of my adventures and salacious gossip with you.

My close friend and author Anna Dubouis works with me to share stories with you of things that happen aboard my luxury yacht, the Vixen.

Right now, we’re relaxing in the hot tub and discussing things that we want to share with our friends and readers. So we’re just getting started!

Pretty soon we’ll share with you things that are included in The Vixen Books, and some spicy tidbits that aren’t. Like character references with some details that we will only share with you here on the blog.

So for now I just wanted to let you know that we’re here and making some plans of what to share with you, our interested readers and fans. Just remember though most of the juicy stuff is only going to be available in the books that Anna writes.  🙂

We hope you stop by frequently to see what mischief we’re up to lately!


Vicky Combs and Anna Dubouis


Vicky Combs owner of The Vixen and friend of my author Anna Dubois.

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